dandy at Dragon’s Den with Maya Cycle


dandy at Dragon's Den with Maya Cycle

Story and photos by Tammy Thorne

Well, this was fun!

Marta Staniszewski, director of operations at Stamettech, invited me to ride a bike pulling one of her Maya Cycle single-wheel trailers on Dragon's Den.

I'm a huge fan of the show and was really excited to "model" the Maya Cycle trailer for her. The trailer also converts into a wheelbarrow. I rode a BionX bike (but didn't get to use the e-assist) and Troy Mitchell, proprietor of The Mobile Bike Shop Ltd. rode the other bike-and-trailer set on set. Troy is the regional rep for the great and (relatively) new CAA Bike Assist service; he's the guy who will show up to help if you use the service. And, he'll be using a Maya Cycle trailer on some of those future calls.

I've shared some photos below of our exhilarating day at the CBC that won't blow the plot, but I just want to share one moment during the taping that was my personal highlight for the day. It was really exciting when my favourite Dragon, Arlene Dickinson, came down to try out the bike and trailer I'd been riding. She was wearing these fabulous shoes with a kind of cubist pattern in blue and green, with a heel that was at least 3 inches high, and she said to me, "Can I do this in heels?" I meekly answered, "probably." I lowered the seat and she kicked off her patent leather peep-toe high heels, opting to ride in her well-manicured bare feet. I really hope that Arlene will one day be one of our dandy Heels on Wheels profiles! Come on Arlene!

I'm not allowed to divulge any of the results until the show airs in the fall, but just wanted to say a BIG THANKS to Marta for inviting me to be part of the team.

Thanks also to our segment producer, Matt, who was so supportive and fun to work with, and to my 'runner' Brandon. The whole team of walkie-talkie-sporting "ninjas" kept us in line better than a Border Collie with a herd of sheep....which were apparently part of another segment that day.

GOOD TIMES at the Dragon's Den!

The product.

Getting ready....

I got to do some test rides before we were shown the studio.

Matt our producer and Marta notice that I'm taking a photo of them.

Walking into the den for the first time.

The set of Dragon's Den. (Squeeee!)

Marta is ready to be shown her mark as pro dodgeballers look on.

Marta is ready to pitch to the Dragon's.

After the taping was over crew members wanted to try out the product. 

Troy Mitchell and myself, with Marta Staniszewski (centre) who was pitching her product the Maya Cycle to the Dragons today.

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  1. Clay says:

    The CAA Bike Assist link isn’t quite working, should be http://www.caasco.com/Auto/Roadside-Services/CAA-Bike-Assist.aspx

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