Blessing of the bikes on Earth Day

People line up to have their bikes blessed at Trinity St. Paul's church on Bloor Street on Earth Day.

Blessing of the bikes 

Story and photos by Kaitlyn Kochany

It can be tough to feel like a higher power is on your side when you’re riding Toronto’s streets on two wheels.

Fortunately, the folks at Trinity Saint Paul’s have our backs. Coinciding with Earth Day, today April 22, Blessing of the Bikes combined a laid back churchy vibe with a spiritual and mechanical safety check.


Sandy has his bike blessed.

Nicholas has his bike blessed.

Pastors Vicki Obedoff and Hans van Nie offered a genuine welcome to both regular congregrants and passersby, and their blessings were personalized for each bike and rider. Obedoff asked that “the wind be at your back” for riders of all ages, and tossed in a couple special requests here and there - that a bike not be stolen (and that we live in a world where no one needs to steal), and for a bike bell to ring clear. It was both lighthearted and moving.

Activist Wayne Scott, featured in our recent Food issue, lines up to have the Linus bike he won at the dandyhorse launch party, blessed. (See link below to that story.)

Outside, Bike Pirates volunteers Geoffrey and Bob offered their own hands on brand of grace by doing safety checks for the newly blessed bikes. “They do the spiritual blessing inside, and we do the mechanical blessing out here,” said Geoffrey. The freshly pumped tires and adjusted brakes made for a serene ride home. Riding your bike is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. At dandyhorse we like to celebrate the earth every day. Stay dandy! Ride safe!

Safety check-up outside... spiritual check-up inside.


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