dandyBLOG: discuss the future of Jarvis April 3

On April 3 at 6:30 pm at Jarvis Collegiate, Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam will hold a public meeting on the future of the Jarvis Cultural Corridor. Details here.

Earlier in the day, the Toronto Cyclists Union will reveal a legal opinion challenging the removal of the Jarvis Street bike lanes at a press conference on Tuesday at 1:30pm in Committee Room 4 at City Hall.

... Here's a little blast of fresh air from our winter issue: a Bike Spotting interview with Councillor Wong-Tam where we ask her about the future of Jarvis.

Photo by Dana Lacey

Name: Kristyn Wong-Tam
Occupation/Neighbourhood: Toronto City Councillor, Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Does your commute include streets with bike lanes?

Like most cyclists, I prefer to use bike lanes as it is much safer. If there are no bike lanes I will still ride, but it will be more dangerous.

How do you feel about having the first separated bike lane in Toronto installed in your ward?

As excited as I am about having Toronto’s first separated bike lane, I also think that we need to proceed with caution. There are political forces that don’t support biking infrastructure and a planning misstep just gives them a new excuse to declare another fictitious “war on the car.”

At current, there are many new projects coming to Sherbourne that have not been properly addressed (or consulted) in the separated bike lane proposals yet: namely, the many new condo developments, the existing schools, churches and senior home drop-off and delivery areas. The residential community is also wondering what will happen to their local streets when those 159 street parking spaces are removed from Sherbourne. We should study Sherbourne more closely, create a measurable pilot project, invest in a high-quality street design and a comprehensive greening strategy before finalizing a capital infrastructure decision that will be costly to fix if we don’t get it right.

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How do you feel about the proposal to remove the Jarvis Street bike lane?

I’m still interested in completing the Jarvis Cultural Corridor. I am told by city staff that hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of consultations have been spent on completing Environmental Assessments and Jarvis streetscape improvement plans.

Removing the Jarvis bike lanes would be a terrible waste of money, as would throwing out those previous plans. I still have every intention of revitalizing the downtown east side for the local residents and turning the historic Allan Gardens into a unique cultural asset for all of Toronto.

Good urban planning principles should never be compromised for quick political gain – Jarvis Street deserves better than this.


Join the councillor and community members to discuss the future of Jarvis Street on April 3 at Jarvis Collegiate at 6:30 pm

 Stay tuned to dandyhorse's Bike Spotting page for more Jarvis Street Bike Spotting in the months to come.




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