What to wear on the coldest ride of the year

Story and photos by dandyhorse senior editor Dana Lacey

It was unseasonably warm for The Coldest Day of the Year Ride. This year the Toronto Cyclists Union hosted the annual celebration of winter cycling that saw around 150 people on bikes (and bike cops) meet at City Hall for a car-free cruise down University Ave to Front Street. BIXI bikes were on hand and provided free to anyone who wanted to join in.

Councillor Mike Layton thinking about snow in bike lanes. Photos by Dana Lacey.

Councillor Mike Layton, helmet in hand, told the crowd that he'd like to see more Torontonians on two wheels year-round. Bells chimed as he rallied the crowd against unploughed lanes He pointed out how the south side of the street is always worse than the north because the sun can't get to it, leaving a dangerous layer of ice buried beneath gritty slush in bike lanes. And, of course, he spoke about the weather, and our salt-happy impact on the environment, which we couldn't exactly ignore as we collectively sweltered under our winter layers (and, later that day, rode home through a snowstorm).

Union Bicycle Station employees Stu Peters and Kate Sage serve up hot chocolate.

dandyhorse agrees that the city needs to do a better -- and more sustainable -- job with snow removal: look for our first-ever winter issue in February. Meanwhile, we offer up some winter fashion tips, courtesy of the coldest riders of the year.

Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon's BIXI is well-suited for her long puffy coat.

These two loved having the whole lane -- they cheered the whole way. Easy to be happy when you're dressed warm enough. Check out those mitts!

Look at these people: if they got off their bikes, you wouldn't even know they were cyclists. THEY LIVE AMONG YOU.

Man, kids today are such wimps. But check out Mom's work-worthy attire. dandyhorse especially likes the coffee cup holder.

Pure style by Benedict San Juan! Bravo.

dandyhorse endorses all manner of fluorescent and reflective clothing.

Councillor Wong-Tam listens to constituents talk cycling.

Even the bikes were stylish

dandyhorse is pro pitstop. The Royal York Hotel donated hot chocolate.

Make sure you register your bike with the Toronto Police, and then download the Is This Bike Stolen app.

Best. Helmet cover. Ever.

And, last but not least: who knew BIXI had such badass employees?

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