An Exploration of Toronto and Pie by Bicycle

Delicious pie a la mode at The Canadian Pie Company, photo by Hyedie Hashimoto

Ask us at dandyhorse what the best way to see and learn about your city is and we'll always tell you it's by bike. Of course, all of that pedalling can sure make you hungry and that's why any ride we go on must include plenty of food.

Hyedie Hashimoto, founder of the Toronto Cupcake Ride, knows that the pairing of food and bikes is a perfect match. While the Cupcake Rides are typically a ladies-only event, Hyedie has teamed up with Joe Travers of to run several co-ed rides. Their latest, Sweet Ride: Pie Edition, took a hungry and adventurous group across Toronto to explore a few distinctive neighbourhoods and to eat some delicious pie.

For photos and a recap of the event visit: Sweet Pie Ride Report


dandyhorse magazine is proud to announce that Hyedie Hashimoto will be designing our upcoming FOOD Issue with guest editor Bob Blumer of the Food Network.

Find out why food and bikes are the perfect mix for Hyedie in her Heels on Wheels profile from the Spring 2011 issue of dandyhorse.

Hyedie Hashimoto photographed by Molly Crealock

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