Heels on Wheels: Hyedie Hashimoto

Photos by Molly Crealock
Story by Tammy Thorne

Who : Hyedie Hashimoto, founder of the Toronto Cupcake Ride, a group ride for women that stops at bakeries for sweet treats.

Tricks : I can ride with a cupcake in right hand while left hand steers, brakes and at times rings my bell!

Tips on riding in Heels on Wheels?

Well, I think it's better to bike because it reduces the time I have to walk in them. Pedalling in heels doesn't hurt your feet. Being short, I used to live in heels (especially when I drove everywhere) but sadly it has taken a toll on my knees and sometimes my knees get sore for no apparent reason. And no it's not because of my fixie riding - these knee pains happened before I had my fixie!

Who's your howling pal?

This guy is Duke! He is a 7 year old, ex-hunting beagle that we adopted 4 years ago. I'm sure he'd looooooove to get his chops on a cupcake, but chocolate can be lethal to dogs and he hasn't managed to steal a cupcake from me yet. (Editor's Note: He *did* try to nab one during this photo shoot!)

The theme for our sixth issue -- launching May 30 at the Gladstone Hotel -- is that Bikes on Bloor are good for business. Do you think bikes benefit the local economy?

Bikes help the local economy because it is a way better way to explore the city -- you can take so much more by bike than when you are in a car.

You can see our full interview with Hyedie in our Spring 2011 issue of dandyhorse.

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