dandyhorse FINAL newsletter winter 2020

UPDATE: This is the final, regularly scheduled newsletter by dandyhorse magazine.

dandyhorse discontinued publications in 2016, and stopped producing content online in 2020.

The dandyhorse winter 2020 newsletter is here.

Links to upcoming bike lane public consultation meetings, and more, inside this issue.

PSST! There are TWO public meetings tonight for the extension of the Bloor bike lanes west, and for complete streets on The Danforth.

Check out all the news here. The City's public consultations for bike infrastructure are all listed here.

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Image in this issue of the dandy newsletter is from the collection of Lorne Shields. Read more about it at thebicyclemuseum.ca.

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Will 2019 be a predictor of things to come in 2020? A cycling year in review.

Story and photos by Robert Zaichkowski based on bike plan tracking work done with Albert Koehl

No amount of sugar coating can hide the fact 2019 was a dismal year for bike lane installations. That year saw only three kilometres of on-street cycling infrastructure installed; a number considered dismal even by the standards of the three prior years. This brings the four year total to 30.5 kilometres or still less than 10% of the 335 kilometres called for in the 2016 Cycling Network Plan.

New trail along Unwin Avenue completes a gap in the Martin Goodman Trail.

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Bike lane tracking sheet January 2020

Bike Plan Tracking - bike lanes as of January 2020

Courtesy of Albert Koehl.


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The High Park Shot from the dandy archive

The High Park Shot by Chimo Chan and Darren O'Donnell for issue 3 of dandyhorse, summer 2009.

NEW: Bike lanes on Bloor - Is there reason for (cautious) optimism?

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