Posted on January 13, 2020 by dandy
Bike Plan Tracking – bike lanes as of January 2020

Courtesy of Albert Koehl.

2016 – 2025 Toronto Bike Plan Tracking
Prepared by Albert Koehl (Bells on Bloor) and Robert Zaichkowski (Board Member, Cycle Toronto)
Last Updated: 12-Jan-20
Scheduled Street Projects Installed in 2016 Centreline
Length (km) Date Installed Type
Bayview Ave. Rosedale Valley Rd to Pottery Rd (bi-directional bike lane although
marked as major multi-use trail) 2.40 September 2016 Boulevard
Bloor St. W.
Shaw St. to Avenue Rd. (Officially this is a cycle track, though parts of it
are demarcated by a painted line only, made permanent in November
2.40 August 2016 Cycle Track
N/A Dr. Emily Stowe Way Grenville St. to College St. 0.08 2016 Bike Lane
N/A Havelock St. Lindsey Ave. to College St. 0.15 2016 Contraflow
N/A Howland Ave. Bridgeman Ave. To CPR Bridge 0.06 2016 Bike Lane
N/A Keele St. Sheppard Ave. W. to Downsview Park Blvd. 0.90 2016 Boulevard
N/A Lansdowne Ave. Dupont St. to Lappin Ave. 0.20 August 2016 (?) Bike Lane
2014-2016 Peter St. Queen St. W. to King St. W. 0.40 2016 Cycle Track
N/A River St. King St. E. to Bayview Ave. 0.30 2016 Bike Lane
N/A Rockcliffe Blvd. Black Creek Trail to Woolner Ave. 0.25 2016 Boulevard
2016 O’Connor Dr. Bridge Woodbine Ave. to St. Clair Ave. E. (“edge lines” only) 0.80 September 2016 Misc
Bayview Ave. (*)
Pottery Rd. to Moore Ave. (buffered paved shoulders from Pottery to
Nesbitt on both sides and east side from Nesbitt to Moore; guardrail
protected sidewalk installed on west side from Nesbitt to Moore)
1.30 October 2016 Misc
9.24 9.24
9.24 9.24