Night light: the Chandelier bike with fashion by Thieves

Night light

Because looking your best means nothing without the right lighting.

Photo by John Lee
Chandelier bike by Mark Charlebois
Fashion and styling by Thieves boutique

In the days of the dandyhorse, lamplighters rode tall bikes to light the gas lamps that lined city streets.

Posing in front of a replica gas lamp, tucked away in an historic lane, Joscelyne Schroeder looks radiant and ready to ride the “Chandelier bike” in her sustainably-sourced hat, dress and heel covers, all made from eco-fabrics and available at Thieves boutique.

But her best accessory — as all winter wheelwomen know — is the right lighting.

Enter the chandelier bike.

This well-lit ride was conceived by artist and DragonScorpion/Bad-Taste bike gang member Mark Charlebois. He originally equipped the chandelier bike fleet using LED lights and some AA batteries so he and his pedal posse could ride around town lit up right.

Photographer John Lee is the man behind many beautiful dandy shoots, including the most recent issue’s CNE cover. And Thieves boutique was founded in 2006 by Sonja den Elzen, who wanted to make sustainably-sourced products that didn’t compromise her style. You can read more about her eco-fabrics of choice here.

For this shoot, we used incandescent bulbs, which require a lot more power, so we hooked the chandelier up to a couple of car batteries.

For most of the winter, dusk–the least visible time of day–coincides with rush hour, the busiest time on our streets. Being seen is of the utmost important to city cyclists. That’s why dandyhorse has always encouraged cyclists to get lit! (Not to mention front and rear lights are required by law.) Be dandy! Ride safe!

The photos were shot on an historic side street. Be the first to tweet the location and year of construction to @dandyhorse and you can win a Timbuk2 bike bag and MEC Plasma light!

Please note: the contest is not open to dandies involved in the making of this issue!

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