Heels on Wheels: Laurie Featherstone

Heels on Wheels: Boots edition

By Tammy Thorne
Photo by Jamie Rosenthal

Name: Laurie Featherstone
Occupation: Owner, Featherstone 2 Wheels Green delivery

Do you ever wear heels while cycling?

These winter Blundstone boots have an almost inch-high heel. I love love this waterproof winter boot for cycling! Waterproof is best for all the slush and nastiness we usually have on the streets here in winter.

This winter boot has the all-weather features of every Blundstone boot, with the added warmth of Thinsulate™ and genuine sheepskin insoles to get you through the coldest spells in cozy comfort. Sheepskin wool wicks away foot moisture to eliminate a key source of cold feet discomfort.

Tell us about that fantastic orange bike please!

This bike is incredibly comfortable, only one gear so east-west-east is okay, but hills would be tough! I really like the look of this bike: very traditional and sturdy…kinda like me! And it portrays the classic delivery image which I like. It’s an Orange Kronan based on a Swedish military bike, and has been the unofficial billboard for Australian Boot Company Stores in Toronto.

Ever attend any special events on a bike?

I did cycle to the Bicycle Film Festival in Toronto and parked my green bike in valet parking. I pretty much cycle around for everything.

Why and how did you start Featherstone 2 Wheels Green delivery?

I had just moved back to Canada and wanted to explore new options. I am very independent and like being outside. Physical activity is a huge plus for me, and I wanted to try working on my own. I had a van delivery job delivering organic fruit and veg during that very snowy ’08 winter, and at the same time had connected with Nani Reddy who makes bike cargo trailers. So while my van kept breaking down, getting stuck in snowbanks and skidding on the ice, an idea started to percolate. Why not do it on a bike? After I made it through the winter I left the van for good and started delivering sprouts for Toronto Sprouts to four farmers’ markets, and it just kept evolving from there. I met my first customer–Forbes Wild Foods–at the Brick Works farmers’ market, and from there my business has grown steadily each year. Check out my Facebook page at facebook.com/featherstone2wheelsgreendelivery for more info or my web site twowheelsgreendelivery.com.

Why did you start biking year round?

It never occurred to me not to!

Top tips for winter cyclists?

Try it when the roads are dry–i.e. not on snow days–this way you will get used to riding with all the extra clothes, gloves, etc. I find it harder to turn my head with the layers and scarfs. Take your time get use to the coldness first and then try some light snow days. This way it won’t be so overwhelming!

Favourite bike accessory?

I really love this super soft short sleeve merino wool undershirt I received from Bicycle Commons on courier appreciation day. It is very cozy.

Favourite winter activity?

Since I spend 5-8 hours a day outdoors, I think my favourite winter activity is actually an indoor one. I like reading a good book under my cozy blankie!

What are you wearing in this photo?

Winter 560 Blundstone boots, black tights, polyester pants, three layers on top with soft shell from MEC.

What cycling Mecca have you dreamed of visiting?

Copenhagen for sure, as my 74 year-old mom said after watching a video I sent her, they just wear regular clothes and there are so many of them! I still feel like a bit of an oddball in Toronto with the trailer, but I am 100% OK being odd! And Cambridge, England, where I believe they have a section for bike and foot delivery only.

Anything else we should know?

Please let people know they can get a $30 discount on Blundstones if they are a Bike Union Member!

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