Editor’s Note: Winter cycling is fun for everyone!

by Tammy Thorne
illustration by Jody Hocs 

Heels on Wheels – Laurie Featherstone

by Tammy Thorne
photo by Jamie Rosenthal 

Bike Spotting: East and Beyond

by dandyhorse staff

Doctor’s Note Winter Edition

by Dr. Chris Cavacuiti
photos by Molly Crealock and Sasha Cavacuiti

Curb Your Enthusiasm: snow clearance in bike lanes

by Tyler Wade
photos by Martin Reis

Toronto on Two Wheels: bike courier Ian Christison

by Tammy Thorne
photos by Rebecca Baran

Bike Spotting: Canada West

by dandyhorse staff

dandyNEWS: Pumped & Flat + events

by dandyhorse staff
illustration by Chris Simonen
photo by Dana Lacey

Cycle Couture bicycle shop

dandyhorse supporter message

A changing climate for city cyclists

by Todd Aalgaard
illustration by Dave Murray

Night light: the Chandelier bike with fashion by Thieves

photo by John Lee
clothing provide by Thieves Boutique


by Tammy Thorne
sweaterbike by Janet Morton