dandyhorse the book

dandyhorse best of book  is in the works!
 You can now pre-buy the dandyhorse best of art and design book here!
This special half-price offer is only available to early bird dandies and will expire in the spring of 2017.

The best of dandyhorse art book will be filled with your favourite art and photos from the last decade and will feature the works of Kevin Cyr (featured above on the cover), Trio Magnus, Mike Ford, Molly Crealock, Elicser, Kent Monkman, Greg Curnoe and more. It will also feature the stories behind some of our favourite bike artist and bike fashion shoots from the dandy archives. See behind the scenes of the making of dandyhorse!

Get your copy today to celebrate independent media, bike advocates and artists that make dandyhorse a success.

Check out our dandy archive here. Digital and print back issues are available for purchase!

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