Toronto needs protected intersections now

Why Toronto needs protected intersections now Story by Robert Zaichkowski  This year has been a tragic one on Toronto’s roads with seventeen pedestrians and four cyclists killed during the first six months of this year. Many of these tragedies – including … Continue reading

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BIKE MINDS storytelling event launches with theme of Belonging

Belonging at BIKE MINDS Story by Derek Rayside, Photos by David Keogh Belonging was the theme of the first BIKE MINDS event on January 17, 2018. Organized by Matt Pinder and Michelle Kearns, BIKE MINDS is a bicycle-themed storytelling event where guests share inspiring … Continue reading

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Public works moves Bloor bike lanes forward to council

Story and photos by Robert Zaichkowski – Crossposted from Two Wheeled Politics A year and a half after the Bloor bike lane pilot project was debated at the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, the committee endured a six-hour session to … Continue reading

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Report shows Bloor business is flourishing with new bike lanes

Bloor Street, in the vicinity of the bike lane pilot project, is economically healthy and experiencing growth, according to a new report released on October 11, 2017, by the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT). The study looked at four economic indicators – customer counts, … Continue reading

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