Not Happy With The Bike Lanes This Winter? Suck It Up.


Photo via The City of Toronto 

The City is doing it's best to keep priority lanes clear this winter.

By Taylor Moyle

This winter, City of Toronto staff have been tasked with clearing certain “priority” bike lanes  -- with mixed results. Bikers aren’t completely happy  with the still-messy conditions in the bike lane, but the City is trying.

Bike lane maintenance has become a big issue in this city because people are actually using the bike lanes. In January, volunteers counted almost 2,000 trips per week on the new Bloor bike lane.

One of the biggest issues with the snow clearance is that snowbanks are being created at bike lane intersections after the plows (or cars from side streets) go through, which makes it unsafe for cyclists. Joey Schwartz says these messy intersections might be a deterrent for other cyclists, but not for him -- he rides every day.

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Bike Spotting: How Has the City Been Doing With Bike Lane Maintenance This Winter?

This year, the City of Toronto has committed to clearing priority bike lanes during winter. We went around the University of Toronto to ask cyclists what they think the service has been like so far.


Better than last year. A LOT better than last year. It hasn’t been perfect, there’s random chunks in the lane way. It’s not perfect we still have a ways to go.

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How to show your significant other you really care

How to show your significant other you really care

Yes, we’re talking about your bike

By Taylor Moyle

“Your bicycle invigorates you, strengthens you, relaxes you, lets you vent your frustrations without interrupting, nodding off or making judgments. Your bicycle helps you meet other people. Your bicycle always goes where you want to go. And if you buy your bicycle a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, you get to eat them all.” ~ Scott Martin from

There’s a good argument to be made as to why your bike is the best Valentine. It takes you places, keeps you healthy and makes you look better. It does a lot for you, so why not do something for it?

We asked some of Toronto’s dandiest bicycle shops for tips on how to best maintain your favourite Valentine - your bike - this February.

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Winter Cycling Congress Recap

This story originally appeared on  Two Wheeled Politics

By: Robert Zaichkowski

What is the first thing that comes to mind regarding winter cycling? Some believe nobody bikes in winter, yet year-round cycling has become so popular it has its own conference! Over 400 people attended the 5th Winter Cycling Congress from February 8 to 10 in Montréal; home of smoked meat, BIXI, and the Canadiens. Darnel Harris and I attended on behalf of Cycle Toronto’s Advocacy Committee.

The congress’ program featured dozens of speakers in English and French – translators were available – from maintenance to fatbikes to community engagement. A dozen exhibitors displayed their products and services, while socials were held on Wednesday and Thursday nights to present artwork and stories.


Timo Perala of Winter Cycling Federation (WCF), Suzanne Lareau of Vélo Québec, and Montréal Mayor Denis Coderre gave opening remarks. Lareau’s Québec welcome was a comment about the weather being +3’C one day and -18’C the next, while Coderre touted BIXI’s popularity and needing to focus on culture.

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Bikes on Reels Part 4: Parkdale’s the Wild West in Monkey Warfare

For more than 100 years we’ve been riding bikes and going to the movies. In this new dandy series we examine how two of the world’s most noted pastimes intersect. When and how have two wheels been caught on film? Over the next six months I’ll be examining cycling in films. It’s one part film review and one part bike nerd exploration. From coming of age nostalgia, to surreal escapism, to film noir and everything in between, here is the fourth story in the series. You can read parts 1, 2, and 3 by clicking here.

Don McKellar and Tracy Wright Image courtesy of New Real Films

Bikes on Reels Part 4: Parkdale’s the Wild West in Monkey Warfare

Story by Cayley James

In 2006 a little movie, called Monkey Warfare, came out about bike riding anarchists in Toronto. Director Reg Harkema had made his name in the 90s as an editor working alongside noted filmmakers Bruce McDonald, Don McKellar and Guy Maddin. All of whom were instrumental in creating a very distinct voice for Gen-X Canadian cinema. Monkey Warfare, his first feature as director, is a peculiar time-capsule of a city on the brink.

At a brisk 75 minutes the film is a twee, sardonic send up to the ever fraught relationship between bikes and cars, gentrification and authenticity. With its Godard inspired jump cuts, text on screen, and affection for political rhetoric it's clearly inspired by classic French New Wave films like Masculine et Feminine and La Chinoise.

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