Vintage Bicycle Show 2016 Toronto


Vintage Bicycle Show 2016

Community Bicycle Network hosts annual bike event at Trinity Bellwoods Park

This year there were fewer bikes and fewer really, truly old bikes at CBN's Vintage Bicycle Show. Last year we spotted a healthy number of steel Schwinns and still-rideable Raleighs and the year before that, we even saw a real live boneshaker! This year, these were some of the oldest and most interesting bikes we saw.

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Friends for Life Bike Rally: Rubbermaid Rustlers heroes of packing day


Saturday, July 23 - T-minus 1 day

by Peter Harte

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur to me when I think about them now. Travelling around Europe and leaving my job all within a two-week period can do that I suppose. But now that I've packed up my stuff and put it into the trucks, what I'm about to do is actually starting to set in. I love the feelings my body gets when I'm around Bike Rally friends. I heard it was close to 35 degrees today, but I swear I had goosebumps when I first saw the cargo trucks and people packing their things into the two bins that we're allowed to fill. Even in the heat everyone was smiling and giving tight sweaty hugs and I was reminded why I love this ride so much.

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Cycle 4 St. Joe’s on October 2


Riders from the Cycle 4 St. Joe's 2015.

Cycle 4 St. Joe's on October 2

On Sunday, October 2, 2016, push some pedals to help St. Joseph’s Health Centre care for Toronto's west-end and keep the promise to make this community one of the healthiest communities in Canada.

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Night Rider

dandyhorse pic 1

Night Rider

Taking back the night two wheels at a time

By new dandy contributor Cayley James

I was not what you would call an athletic child. I wasn't coordinated. I wasn't fast. I wasn't a joiner...but I was a really good cyclist. Like so many people who grow up in the city I haven't learned to drive and am dependent on my bike. I’ve spent countless carefree hours on the Martin Goodman trail crossing the breadth of the city, and winding through the Don Valley to catch the skyline at sunset from the Bloor Viaduct.

I've been commuting by bicycle in Toronto for the past 10 years. When I started out I only saw a handful of like-minded folks in the morning. Things have obviously changed. This magazine is a testament to that. I can't help but laugh when I watch some thirty or forty people stream off of Bathurst to converge on to the Adelaide bike lane in the early morning crush. You're part of something vital. But there's a time and place for the school of fish mentality of daylight cycling. When the sun goes down, and the dangers of doors and collisions diminish, different paths unfold.

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Friends for Life Bike Rally: Meet Peter


Riders on the first day of the Friends For Life bike rally from 2015.

Friends For Life Bike Rally July 24-29

Still time to sign up for day one, one-day ride to Port Hope

Below, we see Peter and his bike. Peter, along with over 200 riders and 100 crew members ,will cycle 600-plus km from Toronto to Montreal in support of the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. PWA is the largest direct support service agency of its kind for men, transmen, women, transwomen and children living with HIV/AIDS in Canada. Stay tuned to from July 24-29 as he documents his trip and shares the stories of some of his fellow riders and crew.

Want to get a taste of what the rally will be like? The one-day ride on the first day, July 24, is still open to join for $50, and will be a 108 km ride from Toronto to Port Hope.


Peter at the Quebec border during the rally. 

Peter has worked in arts marketing for several years but only recently realized that he needs to spend more time doing what he is truly passionate about and what he loves: And a big part of that is cycling. He has commuted to work by bike for years. Last year was the first time he participated in the Friend's for Life Bike Rally, and it quite literally changed his life. After seeing himself at his best; laughing, sleeping, eating, and riding all day, surrounded by passionate and supportive people, he realized how important cycling was to him and how alive it made him feel. Still in the process of turning his life around, Peter has become an indoor cycling instructor, resigned from his job, and is currently going through that 30-year-old period of rediscovering himself. Fresh from his first ever trip to Europe, and with a new light in his heart, Peter is excited to document his experiences on the rally this year with you.

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