Bike Spotting on Bloor in Koreatown part 2

Here's part two of our Koreatown Bike Spotting. You can check out Part 1 here. From commuters, kids and shoppers alike, everyone was singing the bike lane's praises. The city has installed counters at Clinton and Bloor. Now that the rain has stopped you should get yourself over there!

It's very good. I live in Bloor West Village but I would like the bike lane to be extended west.

Andrew (left) and Paul (right) - coming home from Hockey practice
Paul: We gotta keep it!
Andrew: It's great coming home from work.

I love it! Especially when it's nice. I usually avoid streets that don't have bike lanes.

My favourite vegetable shop is here. The bike lane has sort of changed my cycle home. I would just go straight up to Davenport and have gone home. I would have always come here but it makes it nice.

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Bike Spotting on Bloor in Koreatown

Between the rain last week, we set out on a very sunny evening to ask more cyclists how they're feeling about the Bloor Bike Lanes? Commuters, kids and shoppers alike were singing its praises. The City has installed counters at Clinton and Bloor. You should probably get yourself over there as soon as the deluges are over!

Frida and Greg
Greg: This is the bike that Frida's mom learned how to ride on.
Frida: I learned how to ride last year and this is my second time on this bike. But I use the bike lane all the time! I ride to school on it.
Q: What can the city do to help more kids ride their bikes to school?
Greg: We used to bike to her school on Barton but it's not very bike friendly.
Q: Do you do a lot of your shopping along Bloor?
Greg: Yes we do! Even when I'm not wearing a helmet and I go into a shop I like to remind them that I'm here because of the bike lane.

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Bringing Cyclists Together in Ward 28


Inspired by last year’s Parkdale-Roncesvalles Cycling Town Hall in Ward 14  and Ward 30's bike summit in 2013, Cycle Toronto’s Ward 28 group hosted their own town hall.

Story and Photos by Robert Zaichkowski – May 6, 2017

On May 4th, the same day as Jane Jacobs’ birthday, Star Wars Day, and the one year anniversary of city council approving the Bloor pilot project Ward 28 gathered for a town hall meeting. Not even the persistent rain and flood warnings could stop roughly 30 community members from coming together at the Regent Park Community Centre on Shuter Street!

With Peter Rogers as the emcee, he welcomed community members from diverse neighbourhoods such as the Distillery and Canary Districts, Corktown, and Cabbagetown, as well as introduced the five keynote speakers. Those were Ward 28 Councillor Pam McConnell, Ontario Environment Minister and MPP Glen Murray, Ajandan Sivam with MP Bill Morneau’s office, Shawn Dillon who is the new Manager of Cycling Infrastructure and Programs, and Kristin Schwartz of CultureLink.
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Atlantic Community Cycling Conference: May 7 in Dieppe New Brunswick

One small bike co-op in New Brunswick looks to the future of cycling on the East Coast.

Story by Cayley James

Toronto is not the only city in the country trying to improve infrastructure and collaboration between cyclists these days.  The Atlantic Community Cycling conference, set to take place on May 7 in Dieppe New Brunswick, aims to improve conditions across the East Coast. The conference is hosted by the cycling cooperative La Bikery. The day long festivities are looking to bring together planners, activists and policy writers from across the Maritimes and connect them with the cycling enthusiasts in Dieppe, Riverview and Moncton (aka the tri-community area). Their goal is a day of: “constructive dialogue and networking about how we can work together to make our cycling community stronger, more vibrant, and resilient!” Featuring a trade show, gear swap, key note speakers and panels, the inaugural Atlantic Community Cycling Conference is an ambitious outing.

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Bikes on Reels Part 6: Ovarian Psycos

For more than 100 years we’ve been riding bikes and going to the movies. In this new dandy series we examine how two of the world’s most noted pastimes intersect. When and how have two wheels been caught on film? Over the next six months I’ll be examining cycling in films. It’s one part film review and one part bike nerd exploration. From coming of age nostalgia, to surreal escapism, to film noir and everything in between, here is the sixth story in the series

The Ovas - Image courtesy of Ovarian Psycos 

Cycling is the medium and the Ovarian Psycos message is a world free of violence against women.

Story by Cayley James

This month I  want to take a look  at a documentary film that champions community and explores the concept of escape and liberation. Many of the films I’ve written about for this Bikes on Reels series have dealt with these themes. But this one is different. Feminism, cycling, and rider’s relationships with cities have always been at the heart of dandyhorse, and Ovarian Psycos scores top points in each one of these categories.

I saw Ovarian Psycos (2016) at Hot Docs last year and left the cinema with my brain buzzing. The documentary about a women of colour cycling collective is the inspiration behind the Bikes on Reels series. The women at the heart of the movie speak to everything I love about cycling. Founder, Xela de la X says: “I started taking my bike to work, and I remember being able to navigate through the traffic with ease. I had never felt that kind of freedom before then. At that moment, I wanted to share this with other women. ”

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