The Reading Line – Book Ride May 30

Story by Darja Pilipovic, Photos courtesy of The Reading Line

The Reading Line – Book Ride May 30

Calling all cyclists and bibliophiles!

If you’re looking for an original bike tour experience and love literature, you will thoroughly enjoy the Reading Line. Organized by bike advocates and colleagues Amanda Lewis and Janet Wilson, this ride aims to raise awareness of routes in need of infrastructure improvements while promoting literacy in the city.

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Bike to Work Day 2015

Mike Layton’s chain guard by Carl & Rose at Bike to Work Day 2015.

Bike to Work Day 2015 at City Hall

By Evan Morrison

What began in Toronto as Bike to Work Day  in 1989 has evolved to become one of the largest events of its kind in Canada and is now celebrated across the city for a full month with hundreds of community-driven events.

Today, May 25, at Bike to Work Day, bike-friendly politicians (including an appearance by the Mayor) came to show their support for non-polluting commuting and to kick off Bike Month in style. Speaking of stylish, how about that Mike Layton’s chain guard?!

Here are some more photos from Bike to Work Day 2015! Enjoy!

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Construction in the bike lane

Cyclists want safer routes through construction zones.

Blockage in the bike lane

Construction causes two-wheeler woes

Construction is ubiquitous in Toronto. But lately we’ve noticed that many of the few bike lanes we have in this town are suffering from blockage in the form of building materials, road crews, diggers, dump trucks, scaffolding, big holes, giant pylons, and confusing signs. Some of these signs are even offensive: “Bike lane closed cyclists dismount.” What could be more insulting that to read you are in the wrong, right when you think you are in the right place: the bike lane. Then suddenly you have no place to go!

The City of Toronto can do better. Recently we’ve seen three bike-friendly councillors speak up to say cyclists deserve safer routes through construction zones, and now, the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee (PWIC) will be discussing the issue in a meeting on May 28.

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The 20 Most Bikeable U.S. Cities

Cyclists in Minneapolis

Story by Darja Pilipovic, Photos courtesy of

The 20 Most Bikeable U.S. Cities

Montreal is often cited as the most bike friendly city in Canada, and we know Toronto’s got to build a few more bike lanes before we get there, but what’s happening south of the border these days?

Well, the rankings for this year are in, and Minneapolis boasts the highest scores for most bikeable city in the U.S., according to Walk Score. Walk score has updated and expanded its Bike Score ranking this year to include a total of 154 U.S. Cities and over 10,000 neighbourhoods.

Here are the 20 most bikeable U.S. cities with populations of 300,000 or more:

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Annie Thompson’s new bike wear collection GIRRRILLA

Story by Darja Pilipovic, photos courtesy of

Annie Thompson’s new bike-wear collection GIRRRILLA

Annie Thompson is a Toronto-based fashion designer and maker — and cyclist. Thompson supports the arts, green living and the environment by making clothing with a minimum carbon footprint. Her latest line of clothing, GIRRRRILLA bike wear, is made with cyclists in mind — it will help you get noticed, which is something most cyclists need. Thompson’s clothing is locally made with sustainability kept in mind in both the design and production practices.

This season, Annie launched a new reflective bike wear collection – GIRRRILLA – and we chatted with her a bit to find out more about the collection, her inspirations, and her cycling habits.

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