Kensington Market Bike Spotting: Theft Prevention

Bike theft has always been a problem in Toronto. We decided to talk to cyclists about bike theft and surprisingly none of them have gotten their bike stolen *knock on wood*. So the question we asked was why do you think your bike has never been stolen?

Photos by Cayley James, interviews by Cayley James and Taylor Moyle 

Here's what they said:

Liana Ernszt "My bike looks so gross I don’t think anyone would steal it. For one the tires are flat, it looks a little junky. I normally park around other bikes as well."

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Rust in pieces, Igor

Photo by Matt Rennick. From issue 1 of dandyhorse magazine.

This story is from a past issue of dandyhorse magazine. We'll be doing more stories on bike theft in Toronto stay tuned. For more past issues go here. 

Rust in pieces, Igor

Story by Matt Rennick

For as long as I've been living and riding in Toronto I’ve known that when your bikes goes missing, there is a short list of places to go to try to reclaim it and at the top of that particular shitlist is Igor.

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Heels on Wheels: Fiona Reid

Photo by Molly Crealock 

Fiona Reid is set to play the Queen of England in The Audience. A play focusing on the Queen's meetings with various British prime ministers over the years. The play opens January 17. This interview is from a past issue of dandyhorse magazine published in 2014, where she talks about acting and bikes. For more past issues go here

Heels on wheels: Fiona Reid, Actor, Age 60

Story by Tammy Thorne

Fiona Reid played Cathy, the wife of Larry King, aka the King of Kensington in the popular Canadian TV series of the same name that ran from 1975 to 1980. Today, Reid is the Creative Director of Eclat School of Performing Arts with multiple awards under her belt, including two Doras and an Order of Canada. She can usually be found biking around town looking more like a messenger than a thespian. dandyhorse magazine caught up with her in Kensington Market this spring.

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