Toronto International Bike Show is this weekend

Gallant Bikes launched at the Bike Show in 2013. They now have a shop on Bloor Street.

Come and get a complimentary copy of dandyhorse at the Opus booth at the Bike Show this weekend, March 1 and 2. We’ll have recaps of the show here on the dandyBLOG, as always, just in case you can’t make it yourself.

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dandyMECHANICS: Hubs

dandyMECHANICS: Hubs

What’s all the hubbub about hubs?

by Brent Robinson      Illustration by Chris Simonen

There really is nothing that compares to riding your bike on a lovely spring day. The sun beaming on your face and the wind rippling through your hair (or lack thereof.) Balanced on your two wheels, you glide through the park like a butterfly on a spring breeze. What really allows you to have that amazing sensation of unstoppable forward force? Sure tires play a part of it, as do your cranks, and your frame makes a difference, but really what is it that allows your wheels to keep on spinning? It’s your hubs. This article will overview the basics of hub internals to help you understand exactly how they work and why they’re so important.

Hubs are arguably the most important component on a bicycle. Every bicycle has them, no matter what size, type or purpose. The hub, together with the spokes and rim, form the complete wheel. Onto the wheel the tire and tube are mounted, along with gears on the rear wheel. Hubs provide the the support base for the spokes, which are adjustable for tension at the rim. While the rim and the spokes provide support for the tire and tube, the hub is what the entire bike frame rests on and how the weight of the bike and rider are transferred to the spinning interface of the wheel.

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Let’s talk about the car population problem

Christopher Kaiser

Photo by Chris Kaiser from our Food issue. See more of Kaiser’s photos here.

The overpopulation of cars is distorting our society and destroying the environment

by Albert Koehl ~ originally published in The Toronto Star on Feb. 19, 2014 ~

Population control is a sensitive topic, even for environmentalists. Yet it’s hard to deny the strain of increasing numbers on our climate, natural spaces, and finite resources. Today, the increase in Canadian population is small but Western culture has already had a strong influence on developing countries. If Chinese and Indian households continue to strive for high Western rates of ownership the future prospects for our planet look grim.

Did I mention that I am referring to the population of cars, not humans?

In 1950, there were about 100 million motor vehicles on the planet’s roads. Today there are one billion (mainly passenger cars). According to Daniel Sperling and Deborah Gordon in their book Two Billion Cars, by 2030 there will be almost two billion motor vehicles (not counting motorcycles and scooters) vying for road space.

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