Peter’s Commute: City Place to Upper Beaches

Follow Peter Harte as he commutes from one end of the city to the other through all seasons and shares his recommendations on the safest, smoothest, and fastest routes in this dandy series.


Peter's Commute Part 1: City Place to the Upper Beaches

Photos and words by Peter Harte

Commute #1: CityPlace (Bathurst and Fort York) to Upper Beaches (Coxwell and Danforth)

Total distance 10.7 km

I’ve been taking this route from my place downtown to the Beaches, back and forth, at different times of the day for the last two weeks as I am taking care of a sweet cat called Indy that belongs to two good friends of mine. There are a lot of options to get from Bathurst and Fort York to Coxwell and Danforth, but I always prefer taking the waterfront trail when heading east or west to avoid busy streets in the core largely because I really dislike having to start and stop at intersections. I mean, some intersections within the city I swear can take two minutes before the light turns green. Doesn't seem like a lot of time when I write it, but when I have a great pace going and feel like I'm flying, it can be unbearably annoying – especially on a hot summer day and there's a car next to me blowing exhaust in my face.

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Cycling though the Rain, Drizzle and Fog: Critical Mass St. John’s Newfoundland


Critical Mass St. John's

Newfoundland's biggest city is hilly as hell, but still they ride

Story and photos by Tammy Thorne

When you think of Newfoundland, you don't automatically think bikes. But on a recent visit to St. John's - my first time - I was pleasantly surprised to find a burgeoning bike community. I found a proper herd of cycling enthusiasts at Critical Mass - a monthly bike ride that takes place on the last Friday of every month in cities around the world. However, I was hard-pressed to find many free range cyclists in the city's core. With hills everywhere you go it would be difficult for a bike courier to make it in the city. And, in fact, there are no cycle messengers in town. It's not just the colourful row houses lining the streets that make you think of San Francisco. I admit, I didn't ride a bike when I visited either city.

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Ordinary Spokes volunteer wants to see everyone on a bike


dandyARCHIVE: Melody McKiver

 Ordinary Spokes volunteer wants to see everyone on a bike

Story by Tammy Thorne

Illustration by Irma Kniivila

 ~ This story first appeared in issue 9, our youth and employment issue from 2012 ~

When I started researching for my interview with activist Melody McKiver I noticed an interesting tag line on her web pages. It said: Decolonizing the shit out of everything.

But, how does one go about doing that, exactly?

Turns out McKiver can provide ample examples.

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Riding the Bells on Bloor Victory Lap: Some reflections from the East


Riding the Bells on Bloor Victory Lap: Some reflections from the East

Activists want bike lanes to extend east to Danforth... and beyond

Story and photos by Marvin Macaraig

This past Sunday was the ninth annual Bells on Bloor community bicycle ride, and this year’s event was especially notable as it celebrated the installation of the Bloor Street bike lanes pilot project. In addition to the main ride, cycling groups across the city rallied support for the event by organizing feeder rides to the official start point at Christie Pits park. My participation in the event began with leading a ride from the Scarborough Cycles Bike Hub at AccessPoint on Danforth (at Victoria Park Ave.) along Danforth Ave. and Bloor St. to the start. Starting my ride on Danforth provided an opportunity to compare and reflect on my experience riding one of Toronto’s most important and busiest east-west corridors.

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Bells on Bloor ride and dandy bike giveaway at Suzuki foundation Christie Crawlfest


Bells were handed out for the "victory lap" of the new Bloor bike lanes on Sunday at the Suzuki Crawlfest.

Bells on Bloor and Suzuki Foundation Christie Crawlfest recap in photos

Photos by Tammy Thorne and Jun Nogami

On Sunday, September 25, 2016, a few hundred cyclists and some super friendly police officers gathered at Christie Pits at 11 a.m. for a "victory lap" of the new bike lanes on Bloor, organized by Bells on Bloor.

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