dandyARCHIVE: Kevin Cyr paints and constructs RV-bike hybrids


This article first appeared in our Spring 2010 issue. You can order back issues here.

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Top 30 Biggest Bikes in the World

Story by James Williams

The Bullitt might be gaining attention wherever it goes for its unusual style. However, ever since people first began trying to invent bicycles, there have been several interesting contraptions created. Some of these date back to one of the first bikes ever constructed, the penny farthing. Of course others still were created by much more modern minds.

It seems that no matter how long the bicycle has been around for, some feel as though there is always room for improvement.

If you need further proof take a look at some of the most incredible machines described on this image by the cycling website Cykelvalg.

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Brompton Urban Challenge Toronto August 27


Brompton Urban Challenge Toronto on August 27

The Brompton Urban Challenge Toronto is BACK! Brompton is bringing its celebrated Urban Challenge event to Toronto once more, in conjunction with Curbside Cycle and Brompton Users group, sponsored by Ortlieb.

The Brompton Urban Challenge is a two wheeled scavenger hunt. Participants will spend the day exploring Toronto, interpreting clues and completing challenges and then uploading their successes to social media (#BUCTO). The day starts with coffee and donuts and ends with a BBQ lunch (with a vegan option) and a chance to win GREAT team prizes. This year, the event is sponsored by Ortlieb, so the prizes will be better than ever!

Here are the registration details:

  • The fee is $25 per person - all proceeds will be donated to Cycle Toronto!
  • Cyclists can either register as a team or will be placed into a team on the day of the event.
  • The minimum team size is 2 participants, and the maximum team size is 4 participants.
  • All bikes are welcome, but there must be at least one Brompton bicycle per team.
  • A limited number of Brompton bicycles are available to borrow at the event, so indicate in the registration if you'd like to reserve one!

dandy contributor Jun Nogami will be covering the event for the dandyBLOG, so stay tuned.

For tickets, visit: http://www.brompton.com/Events/Posts/2016/Events-BUC-Toronto-2016

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Mid-summer newsletter is here!

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Why Bike Safety is Still an Issue for Women in Toronto

New club aims to address sexism on two wheels.

Story by Vivienne Fairbank

This story was originally published on Torontoist

Women in Toronto explores the issues that women in the city face.

Claire McFarlane and Lavinia Tanzim of the Bad Girls Bike Club. Photo courtesy Facebook.

Two months ago, Claire McFarlane and Lavinia Tanzim were sitting in an empty bicycle store after-hours, waiting for participants who never showed up. It was the pair’s first run at hosting a bicycle club for young women in the city, and they had hoped some of the customers they’d spoken to over the past weeks would show up to their “information night.” But at 6:30 p.m., the store was empty.

“We were completely discouraged when that happened,” says McFarlane, who works alongside Tanzim as a sales associate for Sweet Pete’s bike shop. (Full disclosure: McFarlane is a former Torontoist contributor.) Their idea for the cycling club had arisen over drinks at a Christmas party a few months earlier. McFarlane and Tanzim bonded over their frustration at friends’ reluctance to bike in the city because it was “scary and unsafe.” But the two young women also shared a deeper connection: both have experienced a form of sexual assault within the past few years.

When it happened to McFarlane, she found she had no community to fall back to—she was dismayed to realize there was no support in her circles for someone like her. So, she and Tanzim decided to make a club that not only taught young women how to be confident bikers in the city, but could also serve as a support group for young women to “talk about who you are and who you want to be.”

Read more: Why Bike Safety is still an Issue for Women in Toronto.

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Meanwhile, On Bayview
Bloor Bike Lane Opening in Photos

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Meanwhile, On Bayview

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.13.57 AM

Meanwhile on Bayview

The City’s second big bike lane install this year will be on Bayview

Story and photos by Chelsea La Vecchia 

While bike lanes on Bloor have dominated cycling coverage over the past few weeks, another significant part of the 10-year-cycling network is scheduled to be built right now as well. Bayview Avenue is a major north-south corridor that stretches all the way from Richmond Hill in the north, to Corktown Common in the southern part of the Don Valley. Will the lanes stretch that far? No, unfortunately, they won’t. What they will do, however, is link the Lower Don Trail to the Evergreen Brickworks, the Beltline Trail, and the Rosedale Valley Trail with a glorious 2.6-km multi-use trail that is separated from traffic by a metal-and-wood “guide rail.”

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