BikeFACE: Lise Munsie

Rider statement from LISE MUNSIE: "As an Ironman tri-athlete I spend more time with my bike than with my swimsuit or my running shoes (and more time with my bike, than with any other humans) in training and on race day. I have learned to love every minute on two wheels. I feel like I have a real relationship with my bike, and the more you put into a relationship the more likely you are to get the best and the most out of it."

dandyhorse is pleased to present the photo essay BikeFACE! by Marc Bernhard

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Q+A with CycleHack’s Sarah Drummond

Image Courtesy of CycleHack Facebook

CycleHack aims to make the world a more bikeable place! 

Story by Cayley James

Sarah Drummond is a service designer based out of London, England. You might remember her from our international Bike Spotting feature back in December. In 2009, fresh out of art school, she co-founded the design firm SNOOK. Their aim is to work with organizations to ensure the services they provide enable people to get things done easily. It was a natural evolution to pair her professional pursuits with her personal investment with cycling. Thus CycleHack was born in 2014!

CycleHack is dedicated to making the world more bikeable. The international network's aim is to achieve this through a variety of activities that galvanise local people with unique perspectives and skills, connect them with brands, authorities and city stakeholders to problem solve and re-design the total experience of cycling.

I caught up with Sarah to see how CycleHack has evolved and where it's going next!

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BikeFACE: Caitlin Chee

Rider statement by CAITLIN CHEE: "To me, having a bike is like having a key to the city. It allows me freedom of movement at any time of day or night, unhindered by the cost, hassle and stress of public transportation. Biking helps me feel independent and free, and refreshes my connection with the city I live in."

dandyhorse is pleased to present the photo essay BikeFACE! by Marc Bernhard

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Announcing the Tour de Bloor Passport

Councillor Joe Cressy announces the Tour de Bloor Passport at Bloor and Robert this morning, June 21, 2017.

Tour de Bloor Passport

New program shows new bike lane is a win-win for cyclists and merchants on Bloor

Story by Albert Koehl, photos by Jun Nogami

If a business opposes the Bloor pilot bike lane, does that mean it doesn’t want a cyclist’s business? It’s a question most merchants have probably never had to answer given the reigning political attitude that safe roads for cyclists are discretionary – a privilege to be granted or denied depending mostly upon motor traffic and parking impacts. The fate of the Bloor pilot bike lane will be determined by City Council in the early fall. In the meantime, an initiative by cycling groups to promote local businesses to the thousands of new cyclists on Bloor should help make the business question moot.

The Tour de Bloor Passport, which launches today, includes 75 businesses (including the ROM and HotDocs) along the Annex and Koreatown commercial areas of Bloor.

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Reflections on Bike to School Week 2017

The author's daugther, above, is already looking forward to Bike to School Week next year.

Bike to School Week 2017 is Becoming a Hallmark Bike Month Event

dandyhorse contributor Sonya Allin says Bike to School celebrations this year were better than ever due to more bike lanes downtown

Bike to School day has become a ritual at our downtown TDSB school (ALPHA Alternative.) This year 20 families participated in the annual group trek from Trinity Bellwoods park to the school gates. The trip has become something to look forward to for the families of ALPHA, and it offers a welcome occasion to reflect on the growth and change in our commute and community.

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