Flashback Friday: Bike Spotting in Scarborough

For our Summer 2013 Safety issue, we did an epic series of Bike Spotting throughout the city, including Scarborough and York University.

Josh Cross (Scarborough, Victoria Park Ave. and the Gatineau Hydro Bikeway Corridor) Photo by Heather Reid

Yeah, I think it’s alright, the only threat to my safety is myself, right? I mean it’s not really anybody else’s fault if I get into a crash or anything like that when I’m riding on the sidewalk. I think it’s pretty safe though. I never really bike on the roads, I think that would be a lot more dangerous. I do notice a lot of people biking around here though.

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Holiday Craft Fairs

The holiday season is upon us, and aside from eating lots, drinking plenty and being merry, why not pay some of the city's craft shows a visit? We here at dandy have rounded up a few that we're keen on. Best of all, they're all free to attend. So fingers crossed for a continuation of this mild weather, hop on your bicycle and give one (or all?!) of these a gander!

SKETCH Open Studio and Holiday Marketplace - December 5th, 12pm-5pm


Artscape Youngplace, Lower Level, 180 Shaw Street

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Bloor bike lane project takes another step forward, hurdles still ahead


photos by Tammy Thorne

by Albert Koehl

The design options for a bike lane on Bloor Street were unveiled earlier this week in a public meeting. It’s been a long wait. A Bloor Street route has been on cyclists’ radar almost from the beginning of Toronto’s cycling revival in the late 1960s and early 1970s – but never before have we gotten to this point. As a recent media headline announced: Bike Lanes on Bloor No Longer Just a Slogan, Thanks to Pilot Project.

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Toronto police on the case after stolen bike found on Kijiji


Sarah Wren during a dandyhorse bike spotting. This photo was used as evidence that the bike was hers when it turned up for sale on a Kijiji post. Photo by Claire McFarlane.

by Amelia Brown


Sarah Wren was understandably upset when her Giant Rapid bike was stolen from her Leslieville home on Friday, November 27.

The thief had cut through both her cable and U-lock to get to the bike, which she used as her main wheels to get around.

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