Spotted: Canada Post Bike Lane Stamp

What: Canada Post Bike Lane Stamp editorial cartoon by Theo Moudakis.

In the Toronto Star after Canada Post announced officially it would stop parking in the bike lane (woo!).

Why we think it's dandy:
Because parking in the bike lane is a hazard for both cyclists and postal workers.

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Reevely: Canada Post promises to follow bike-lane laws, but only in Toronto

Canada Post vows to quit blocking Toronto bike lanes

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Thinking About Family Biking in North York


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Thinking About Family Biking in North York

Photo: Aaron Orkin and his kids ride their Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E family sport trike with electric assist in The Annex

By Derek Rayside

Toronto City Council has been debating a proposal to put bike lanes on the Yonge Street corridor in North York. Those against the proposal seem to argue that people in North York do not ride bikes for transportation, and that building bike lanes is not enough to change that: North York’s density is too low; the distances are too far; bikes will never be practical there. It’s true that some locals need to travel to places outside of North York, and cars might make sense for some of those trips. But what about local transportation within North York? Let’s take a look at what family life was like in North York back in the 1980s, and see what has changed and what remains the same.

Hillcrest Village in the 1980s

I grew up in North York during the 1980s. In Hillcrest Village, somewhere in between  Cresthaven Elementary School, Zion Heights Middle School, and A.Y. Jackson Secondary School. This is the north-east corner of North York: Markham is to the north (across Steeles), and Scarborough is to the east (across the DVP). I’ve gone back to the old neighbourhood in recent years and, unlike Yonge Street in North York, not much has changed: our old bungalow is still there; the local strip mall still has Mac’s Milk, Baskin Robbins, and the Pickle Barrel. The ownership of the local grocery store has changed. I notice Cresthaven got a new playground.

Google Map of Hillcrest Village, North York

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A love letter to Montreal

 The author and her stolen trike. 

Story by Salima Punjani

This post was originally featured on Cult MTL.

This is a city where bikes get stolen. This isn’t exactly news. Speak with almost any cyclist living in Montreal, and they probably have had to replace their bike due to theft at some point. I’m a new cyclist. I only started biking last year. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which affects my balance. I can’t ride a normal bike.

Last summer, I bought a tricycle to get around town. It completely changed the way I interact with the city. With MS it is  important to stay active and tricycling around town helped me do that.

Two weeks ago my tricycle got stolen. Though I was completely crushed, the events that took place after renewed my faith in humanity and gave me an incredibly deep appreciation for the people who live in this city.
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Let’s Talk About Laneways

Let's Talk About Laneways ... and why they are no substitute for a bike lane network

New 'Laneways as Bikeways' project draws ire from some in the cycling community

Story and photos by Robert Zaichkowski. ~ Originally posted in Two Wheeled Politics. ~

Laneways have been getting a lot of attention in Toronto lately. There's the ongoing push to allow secondary homes to be built on top of laneway garages to help address Toronto’s housing shortage, while many laneway garages showcase all kinds of wonderful murals. One laneway I sometimes use as a shortcut to the Parkdale Library called Milky Way, is home to a community garden owned by the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust.

Milky Way laneway in Parkdale

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Bike Spotting: What’s your favourite bike lane?

On a glorious July afternoon we set up camp at St. George and Bloor to ask folks what their favourite bike lane is in the city.


Adelaide. I like the separation they have with the planters on the west side of the city. It provides a lot of space where cyclists can ride side by side and pass each other if need be. Also drivers seem to respect no parking in the lane.

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