Cycle Toronto Annual General Meeting 2018

Story and pictures by Jun Nogami

Last night, March 22, 2018, was the night for Cycle Toronto's annual general meeting. A pretty good crowd of over 100 gathered at the Garrison to talk bikes and find out who the four new board members would be for the year ahead for Toronto's pre-eminent cycling advocacy group.

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Electrify Your Family

Photo by Sonya Allin from "Bike Bus or Bust."

How To Electrify Your Family Bike

by Derek Rayside

Electric assist bikes, or pedelecs, are becoming more and more popular. Electric assist can be particularly helpful on a family bike, where you are typically transporting children, groceries, and sports equipment. Electric assist can help with hills, distance, and acceleration. With electric assist on your family bike, you will not be going faster than regular cyclists: the motor just helps you compensate for the extra weight of your family and their stuff. Pedelecs make a wider variety of trips feasible by bike for a greater number of people, including young families and seniors.

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Toronto Spring 2018 Bike Show

Toronto Spring 2018 Bike Show

Photos and story by Jun Nogami

This weekend is the annual spring edition of the Toronto International Bike Show at the Better Living Centre on the CNE grounds. As per usual, much of the floor space is given over to dealers who are selling their current inventory of bikes and accessories.

In addition, there are always a range of smaller vendors promoting a wide variety of bike related items or events.

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BIKE MINDS Storytelling Series Episode #2

BIKE MINDS Storytelling Series Episode #2 

Story by Robert Zaichkowski. Photos by David Keogh.

Fellow bike blogger Matt Pinder and transportation researcher Michelle Kearns kicked off the BIKE MINDS bicycle storytelling series last month with a discussion about bikes and belonging. Tickets for the February 21 episode sold out within an hour. Over 50 people packed Fix Coffee & Bikes to enjoy some stories and free beer courtesy of Amsterdam Brewery. Michelle Kearns started by asking, “How can bicycles have an impact on your life?” She noted the speakers brought perspectives on a variety of bike lifestyles - including families, bike sharing, and suburban - and how lucky she is that her job involves studying something she is passionate about.

Michelle Kearns welcoming the audience to Bike Minds (Photo via Robert Zaichkowski)

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From Russia With Love for the Bicycle

Janet Joy on an Electra rental bicycle (Moscow Parade). Photo by Vladimir Barmin.

Winter Cycling Conference

Report from Russia 

By Janet Joy Wilson, co-founder of The Reading Line

When I said I was going to Russia in February,  everyone said, “It’s cold there!”

Yes, it's cold in Russia, but I'm Canadian, and the allure of discussing transportation and health with hundreds of delegates from dozens of countries at the 6th International Winter Cycling Congress in Moscow was why I was there. 

These international leaders from 39 countries were there to discuss how people riding bicycles results in improved health and better transportation.

I have so many notes from this inspiring and extraordinary three days, that this report is truly just the tip of the Russian iceberg.

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