Mississauga celebrates cycling with the 10th Tour de Mississauga


Mississauga celebrates 10 years of cycling with Tour de Mississauga

Tour de Mississauga celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Last Sunday, thousands of cyclists participated in Mississauga’s largest cycling event. Hosted by the City of MississaugaMississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) and SustainMobility, over 1,500 riders had the chance to discover the city by bike.

Since 2010, the City of Mississauga has been actively trying to make Mississauga a bicycle-friendly city by creating a 20-year plan. This year, the City challenged residents to cycle 150,000 kilometres to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday through an online bike challenge. The City committed to planting a tree for every 150 kilometres cycled and logged through the challenge to thank participants. From June 29 until Tour de Mississauga, riders achieved the goal and exceeded it. Residents cycled over 200,000 kilometres and earned over 1,300 trees

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Velovegan: Vegan meat delivered by bike to your door

Each weekend Ben Mueller-Heaslip and his partner make amazing vegan meats, then, Velovegan delivers those 'meats' all over Toronto - by bike. dandyhorse caught up with the founder of Toronto's only vegan food bike delivery service to find out a bit more about what it's like being vegan and working on two wheels.

Velovegan founder Ben Mueller-Heaslip and his dog Madeline. Images courtesy of Velovegan.

When and why did you start Velovegan?

Well, it's hard to say when I started. I'd been developing recipes for vegan meats ever since I became vegan many years ago, mostly because there weren't as many options back then as there are now and most of what was available was pretty terrible. So I was making vegan meats, and it was way better than what people could get from stores, so my friends wanted some, then they started buying it and people I didn't know wanted to buy it, so I decided that I should go into business. It became official about two years ago.

Why deliver by bike? 

Why deliver by bike? Because it's just the best way to do the job!

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Spotted: Stop and Smell the Carbon Monoxide

What: Graffiti on a bus stop bench, "Stop and Smell the Carbon Monoxide" next to Peterborough's only (partly) protected bike lane.

Although the origin of this graffiti is unknown, we believe it may be by prolific Peterborough street artist Jerm IX, as it is in the same font he uses for his name tags.

Where: Peterborough's main street, George Street, at McDonnel where two bike lanes meet.

Why we think it's dandy: Makes a point. Even when you are biking in a nice, wide, partly protected bike lane you are breathing in the exhaust from all those cars while you pedal -- and it doesn't smell like roses. Also, carbon monoxide is odourless.

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The Scenic Route: Comic by Chimo Chan from our Food Issue

From our best-selling food issue aka issue 7 this fantastic comic by Chimo Chan.

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Spotted: Foxy Rider


SPOTTED: A bike-riding fox on Harbord Street

What: When the previous mural had been tagged by grafitti artists and needed to be painted over, Riders bike shop decided to commission a piece by the Clandestinos, a local artist duo who go by the names Brunosmoky and Shalak Attack. The artists had free reign for their vision of the mural and it is a welcome addition of colour and cycling art along the well-used Harbord bike lane.

Where: The foxy mural is located on the side of the bike shop, Riders Cycle and Board, at Harbord Street and Roxton Street.

Why we think it's dandy: Great shop, new Bike Share station, and it's all topped off with a Foxy rider... what's not to like?

~Submission from Allison McKellar~

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