Fix Coffee + Bikes fixes abandoned bikes for new Canadians to ride

Together with not-for-profit CultureLink, Fix Coffee + Bikes created the Fix Re/Cycle Program: An initiative that rehabilitates abandoned bicycles and then matches them up with new Canadians who need them.

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Request for meeting with City Hall re Danforth corridor study and overall pace of the bike plan

Letter to City re Bloor Corridor Study 2018 03 12 was answered with a polite and personal email response saying it had been received and a meeting would be scheduled, but it has not happened yet.

For the full story, read; Bike Plan Plods.


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dandyhorse spring newsletter is here

The dandyhorse early spring newsletter has arrived!

Our newsletter recaps what we've been up to for the past month or so. Read it here.

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Here's a peek at some of the content in the latest issue of newsletter below.

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Die-in at City Hall for Safe Streets

Die-in at City Hall

Advocates demand safer streets for all

by Jun Nogami

Tonight, March 22, 2018, advocates for safe streets held a die-in at City Hall. About 200 people turned up to lie down. Organized by Friends and Families for Safe Streets (FFSS), the event was held to draw attention to the fact that 12 people have been killed by traffic so far this year. The die-in was also timed to coincide with the meeting of City Council during which council considered proposals for pedestrian and bike infrastructure on Yonge St. between Finch and Sheppard.

The plan supported by the local councillor and recommended by staff involved narrowing the street from six lanes of car traffic to four, widening sidewalks, and adding bike lanes. This proposal was spiked at the public works and infrastructure committee (PWIC), and an alternative was put forward, preserving six lanes of traffic, and consigning the bike lanes to a side street. Unfortunately, the mayor has put his support behind this alternative because of his concern about traffic congestion. This begs the question about priorities in the city. Must we always prioritize the throughput of cars over the preferences and the quality of the public realm in any given neighbourhood?

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