Spotted: Updated Bike Map Mural at Fix Coffee + Bikes

Photos courtesy of Fix Coffee + Bikes.

Spotted: Bike map mural at Fix Coffee + Bikes.

What: Updated with new lines because there are new bike lanes in Toronto (Yay!) on Bloor, Woodbine and there are also now contraflow lanes through Kensington Market too.
Why we think it's dandy: Because we want more bike lanes and we love public art... and coffee and bikes too 🙂 Thanks Fix Coffee + Bikes for making this visual representation of our city's progress on becoming a truly bike-friendly city.
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The Bicycle Sukkah

Photo by Bouke Salverda

Bicycle Sukkah

Story by Laura Trethewey

~This story was originally printed in issue 2 of dandyhorse magazine. ~

At the end of Parkdale’s Wilson Park Road sits a Victorian house and quaint garden overlooking the Lakeshore and Gardiner Expressway. With the awesome view and the austere house, a quick passerby just might overlook the garden’s fence. It’s a welded tangle of rusty, spinning, clicking bicycle bits stitched together end to end to form a fence with a cycling-inspired edge.

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Spotted: Penny farthing races at Morrow Park in Peterborough c. 1885


Spotted: Penny farthing bicycle races circa late 1800s/early 1900s captured in a photo in the Peterborough Museum and Archives.

What:  A photo reproduction on the wall at the Peterborough Museum and Archives display, possibly from 1885.

Where were the races held: Morrow Park adjacent to the Memorial Centre, where the Peterborough Pete's play.

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Octogenarian Joanne Young promotes pedal and people power


Joanne Young at her home in Parkdale wearing a “Moosonee Voice Of Women” sweater. She participated in a protest in Moose Factory against an Ontario hydro facility proposed there in the late 80s.

Photo by Molly Crealock

Forever Young

Story by Amelia Brown and Tammy Thorne

~ This story originally appeared in issue 10. ~

Joanne Young has been arrested nearly 30 times over her 86 years. On each occasion she was participating in an act of civil disobedience - protesting the government’s misdeeds to raise awareness. There’s an outstanding warrant for her arrest in the United States.

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New Contraflow Bike Lane connects you through Kensington Market

The new contraflow lanes through Kensington Market connect cyclists to the College Street lane in the north and the Richmond/Adelaide cycle tracks in the south (sort of.)

Contraflow lanes come to Kensington

by Ali McKellar

More good news for Toronto cyclists: There's a new bike lane in Kensington Market. The contraflow lane, which runs northbound on Denison Avenue and Bellevue Avenue between Queen and College Streets, provides an important north-south connection for cyclists in the core and represents another step forward in building the City’s Cycling Network Plan. The majority of the route is a 2 metre wide painted lane separating cyclists from southbound traffic, however some sections of the route are marked by sharrows.

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