No One Wants to Talk About Second Hand Bikes

Uncle Jacob's less-than-organized basement stock 

The Secret Lives of Second Hand Bikes
Why doesn't any one
want to talk about [the lack of] second hand bikes for sale in Toronto?

By Taylor Moyle
Photos by Tammy Thorne and Cayley James

Finding a cheap bike in Toronto is hard. I'm a student on a fixed budget, and biking is the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to get around downtown. After my bike was stolen (yet again) recently I decided to look into the second hand bike shops. It was a search that was much harder than anticipated. To my surprise the city is seriously lacking in brick and mortar shops that sell used bikes.

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Bike Locks That Will Make You Feel Like You’re From The Future


There is a sea of choices when it comes to picking the right lock - Google Images

By Taylor Moyle

You can't go wrong with a Kryptonite U-lock for your bike. And, you should always try to lock through the frame and the wheel (so a bike thief can't ride away on your bike if they do manage to cut the lock.) Here at dandyhorse, we've provided a total review on how to keep your loved one safe, and we've even provided knitting patterns for U-lock cozies, as well as the history behind Toronto's ring-and-post bike stand -- but here's a review of what's new and innovative and bike locks. Yes, these bike locks will make you feel like you are from the future. (Please note: dandyhorse staff hae not tested any of these locks.)

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Who will save your soul? – Not Soul Cycle

Image by Brett Lamb

A city cyclist gets dragged to a Toronto spin experience.

Story by Cayley James

This story originally appeared on The Torontoist.

About a month ago I was out for a work date with Victoria, one of my oldest friends. About two coffees into our spreadsheet-addled afternoon, she leaned over and in a conspiratorial tone asked: “Do you want to go to SoulCycle?”

My immediate response was NO. I don’t spin.

But then, with horror, I remembered that when I was a teenager it seemed like a very grown up activity, so I went to four classes, which resulted in me announcing to the void of the internet via my Grade 10 LiveJournal that: “I LOVED SPINNING!”

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Condos vs Cyclists

Are bike lanes getting in the way of condo developments?

Well, no, it would appear not.

Although it's good news that the province will now tax foreign real estate buyers, that still doesn't solve the ongoing problem of condo construction blocking the bike lanes.

With all the bike lanes (Wellesley, Shuter, Sherbourne, Adelaide, Richmond, St. George - just to name a few) being blocked by construction, and so many people thinking cyclists are scofflaws, the City Cyclist draws attention to the noble developers in his latest video - and reassures us it will all be okay.*

*Please note, this is satire.

From the City Cyclist:

"To sum it up: build a bunch of condos for people who don’t want to live in them, make the developers, real estate speculators and foreign investors rich…while regular, bike riding people who are actually here, can’t afford to live. Makes sense to me!

The majority of new builds in Toronto are condos. Over the past several years, we’ve built an average of close to 20,000 condo units per year. And about 50 per cent** of all new condo units are bought up by investors, who then turn them over to tenants, at reasonable rents, of course. (BTW, as a foreign investor, you still don’t pay capital gains on condos - so buy five units, sell them and pay no tax! Good deal!)

At the same time, just 1,700 rental units for regular people became available. Not sure, but I think they call this ‘affordable housing’. There are about 170,000 families waiting for affordable housing, waiting almost four years on average. But developers and real estate speculators aren’t letting ‘affordable housing’ get in their way.

The developers don’t seem to need to obey any real rules - just like all of the scofflaw cyclists in the city - they just pay a fancy ‘cash-in-lieu of community benefits’ fee.

Has anyone noticed that we already have 5 million people and there are only two subway lines? I guess all of the new condo owners will just drive cars anyway. What could possibly go wrong?"

**The numbers are fuzzy for the actual number of foreign buyers and range from 5 to 50 per cent depending on who you listen to.

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Waterfront Trail and GO are a match made in heaven

(Sub)Urban exploration is GOing to get a whole lot easier this summer. 

The border between Toronto and Mississauga - Image courtesy of Alix Aylen

Story by Cayley James

The Waterfront Trail is one of the best things southern Ontario has going for it. The trail hugs the coastline from Niagara Falls in the West to Whitby in the East. And SOON there will be low traffic OR traffic-free connections between eleven GO stations and the trail! 

I grew up learning how to ride by criss-crossing, the Martin Goodman trail,  Toronto's segment of the trail. It was my key to independence! As someone who still can't drive there are parts of the Waterfront Trail that aren't particularly accessible to me. So this is ideal. Hop on the train, pop off in Ajax or Bronte and ride back home (hopefully with a tail wind).

Image courtesy of Great Lakes Waterfront Trail/Metrolinx

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