The Polite Pedallers: Sharing vs Caring

The Polite Pedallers

Sharing 1, Caring 0

~This story originally appeared in issue 5 of dandyhorse. ~

Dear Polite Pedallers,

There are some bicycle markings on the narrow part of College Street in Little Italy that appear to be directing me to ride in the middle of the lane.

I’ve learned they are called sharrows, and are meant to tell motorists to share the road, yet I seem to get a lot of dirty looks and close passes from motorists here during rush hour. Also, during some times of the day the sharrows have cars parked on top of them. What gives? Is there some kind of sharrow showdown going on in the city?

Signed, Wary of Sharing

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Spotted: Missing Bike Lanes

Recently installed Denison contra-flow lane has...disappeared!

Spotted: Missing Bike Lanes!

Where: All over the city.

College St. bike lane is buried under snow.

When: After the first real snow fall this winter.

Why we think it's dandy: It reminds us how important it is that we have separated bicycle infrastructure that works all year round.

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On the inconsistency of sharrows: Opinion

View From the Gutter

On the inconsistency of sharrows

Opinion by Jake Allderdice

~ Originally published in issue 4, spring 2010, of dandyhorse magazine ~

Back in 2009, a crew of Toronto city workers painted a row of bike stencils and chevrons along the gutter lane where Dundas East crosses the Don River. These “sharrows” —lanes or “rows” that are shared by both motorized vehicles and non-motorized traffic—have since popped up around the city.

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Bring on the Eglinton East LRT!

Map of Eglinton East LRT (via City of Toronto)

Story by Robert Zaichkowski. Originally posted on Two Wheeled Politics.

The political games involved with the one-stop subway extension in Scarborough can make many Toronto city builders furious. City councillors – mostly suburban – repeatedly denied conducting cost-and-benefit comparisons with the original seven stop LRT, while a recent Toronto Star article indicated staff will not reveal the updated subway costs until after the 2018 election. The recent article raises suspicions the Mayor’s office is trying to bury the subway as an election issue with both John Tory and Doug Ford supporting the subway. However, it will only delay the inevitable truth the subway – currently expected to cost $3.35 billion – will exceed the $3.56 billion in available funding and leave nothing for the Eglinton East LRT. Especially if the controversies surrounding the Lawrence Avenue SmartTrack stop prompt the addition of a second subway station.

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