The awkward opposition to the Bloor bike lanes

Illustration by Warren Wheeler for dandyhorse magazine.

The awkward ‘opposition’ to the Bloor bike lanes

What's all the ABBA noise about?

By Albert Koehl

The dilemma faced by local merchants who oppose the Bloor bike lane was obvious to cycling advocates long before it became apparent to the opponents themselves. It took time for some merchants to realize that fighting the bike lane would mean offending a portion of their own customer base. In short, opposing the bike lane as being bad for business, would likely be bad for business.

Studies in Toronto over the past decade have shown that the percentage of customers arriving by bike at local shops along Bloor and The Danforth --- despite the absence of bike lanes --- is substantial. (In fact, studies everywhere now illustrate that bike lanes are good for local business.) The patronage of cyclists rivals or exceeds either or both the number of motoring customers or their spending on Bloor. So, what merchant would want to tell cycling customers that their safety, and their business, is of no interest to them?
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UPS launches cargo bike delivery in Toronto

UPS launches cargo bike delivery in Toronto
Pilot project to start at York University
by Joey Schwartz
Toronto mayor John Tory and UPS Canada President Christopher Atz held a press conference on October 23, 2017, at Nathan Philips Square to introduce a new pilot project in Toronto for cargo bike delivery services.
The pilot will be conducted with only one bike, for now, at York University’s main campus and the immediate surrounding area. Service will launch about two weeks.
For now, UPS plans to use these 1.2 metre wide, 217 kg vehicles solely as human-powered bikes, without electric-assist motors. Current provincial legislation regulating e-bikes doesn't allow for bikes heavier than 120 kg, or ones that use motors larger than a 500 watt capacity according to UPS's media representative Steve Vitale.

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Cycling, Equity and Health in Scarborough

Cycling, Equity and Health in Scarborough

by Yvonne Verlinden

On a typical day at the Scarborough Cycles bike hubs, brakes get tightened, tires get pumped, chains get oiled and hands get a little bit dirty. Youth learn bike repair skills while volunteering their way to bike ownership through the Earn Your Bike program, and newcomers are mentored on safe places to ride in the city. The day often ends with a community bike ride exploring local neighbourhood streets.

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Public works moves Bloor bike lanes forward to council

Story and photos by Robert Zaichkowski - Crossposted from Two Wheeled Politics

A year and a half after the Bloor bike lane pilot project was debated at the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, the committee endured a six-hour session to determine whether to make those bike lanes permanent or not. Almost 60 people registered to speak on this item – leading to deputation times to be cut from five minutes down to three – while hundreds more gave written submissions and over 6,600 supporters signed Cycle Toronto’s Bloor Loves Bikes pledge.

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Spotted: Lift Lock and Town Clock Designer Bike Racks

What: Lift Lock and Town Clock (actually Market Hall) Designer Bike Racks in Peterborough, Ontario.

Where: At The City Hall on George Street.

Why we think it's dandy: It's wonderful when heritage and art can be combined in one project and even better when that project happens to benefit cyclists. (Yay, more bike parking!) Well done Peterborough! PS Did you know that the Lift Lock became the highest hydraulic lift in the world when it opened to great fanfare in 1904? You can read more about the new racks in the Peterborough Examiner.


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