Bike Plan Tracking document revised January 2019

Bike Plan Tracking - Revised 20190112

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WTF is up with the bike plan

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Nzinga Wright: Midwife on two wheels

This story is from the dandy ARCHIVE issue 9, 2012. Photo by Molly Crealock.

On December 12, 2018, Doug Ford the Premier of Ontario, announced that his government is cutting funding for the Ontario College of Midwives. He's also cutting funds for other important things like education, including specialized programs such as those that help at-risk youth. Shame on you Premier Ford. And, Merry Christmas, eh? 

Nzinga Wright: Midwife on two wheels

by Kaitlyn Kochany

Nzinga Wright says she’s a bad-ass. She’s a midwife who rides a second-hand single-speed bicycle to client appointments, carrying fetal heart monitors and stethoscopes as she goes. She’s working to empower women about their bodies and their choices during pregnancy. Bad-ass? You better believe it.

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