Kenk: The film

Kenk, the film: A stop animation portrait of the man who probably stole your bike

Story by Melissa Allen-Anderson

If you’ve lived and cycled in Toronto for a few years, you’ve no doubt heard of him.

You will have seen the newspaper stories about his arrest and you may have even read the book about him.

Now, get ready for KENK, the film. The experimental, documentary short film by the same people who brought you KENK: A Graphic Portrait (featured in dandyhorse Volume 3, Issue No. 1).

I recently sat down with Craig Small, a Toronto animator, and Alex Jansen, the publisher of KENK: A Graphic Portrait, at The Juggernaut animation studio in downtown Toronto to talk about how they captured the city’s most notorious bike thief on film.

After an hour-long conversion with Kenk at his bike shop, Jansen got the idea to film him in 2007 and brought on Jason Gilmore, a filmmaker and graphic designer, as a collaborator. That summer, for six weeks, Kenk allowed the two men to follow him around with a video camera. At the time, everyone suspected Kenk of dealing in stolen bikes, but he’d never been arrested. It wasn’t until the following July that Metro Toronto Police uncovered almost 3,000 bikes at various garages around the city, along with several kilograms of marijuana and a couple of ounces of cocaine. Police laid a total of 58 bike theft and narcotics-related charges against Kenk.

Looking at the grainy footage now, Small comments on -- of all things -- his subject’s work ethic. Kenk, he explains, is a man of contradictions -- and will surprise viewers who think they know everything about him.  “He’s a hard-working thief.”


READ MORE about the film; made with a mixture of live-action and stop animation to create a 15-minute documentary about the man who probably stole your bike.  The FULL STORY, plus photos by Rebecca Baran, are featured  in dandyhorse Volume 4, Issue No. 1 - May 2011. Subscribe today and get dandy at your door.

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dandyhorse at Complete Streets Forum April 28-29, 2011

Complete Streets Forum 2011 Logo

The Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation, a project of the Clean Air Partnership, will host the Complete Streets Forum on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at the University of Toronto's Hart House.

The theme of this year's discussion is "Building Alliances" dealing with the challenges facing all forms of transportation from bikes and walking to public transit and personal vehicles.

This year's keynote speakers include:

Mia Birk, Alta Planning + Design (Portland, Oregon)
Michel Labrecque, Société de Transport de Montréal (Montréal, Quebec)
Roelof Wittink, I-CE (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

For more information and to register to attend the Complete Streets Forum 2011 visit

dandyhorse magazine volume 3 number 1The dandyhorse magazine team will be attending the event, handing out free magazines and offering a special subscription discount to all Complete Streets Forum registered attendees.

See you there,
dandyhorse team

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Cutting advisory committees a roadblock to better cycling conditions

Illustration by Warren Wheeler (from dandyhorse, Volume 2, Issue No.1)

Advisory committees provide an avenue for regular folks to get issues to council that are important to them, but might not be at the top of the political agenda. As a committee member I can work with staff over an extended period of time to help track projects and ensure that plans are actually implemented. Indeed, access to staff is the biggest boon of being a committee member to my mind. While some (including me) might say that keeping councillors and staff honest is our bane.

I've been working with, and as a volunteer for many years now, and I have to say it's bad business to turn away good people willing to work for you for free. It's neither respectful nor cost-effective.

Read my full article at BlogTO: Why the Cycling Advisory Committee should be saved

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dandyhorse magazine announces: NEW DANDY WEBSITE! Back issues now online for subscribers!

WHAT: Big announcement for dandyhorse fans!
WHEN: dandyhorse is live, online NOW.
WHY: Get more dandy today!

I am pleased to announce the arrival of the dandyhorse magazine website: is a smart companion to the quality magazine produced twice yearly by Dandyhorse Media Inc.: dandyhorse magazine, Toronto on two wheels. The website provides an early look at our upcoming issue, set to launch mid-May and access to back issues for subscribers.

Our sixth issue includes beautiful original art by Marlena Zuber, Dave Murray and &Co. architects, as well as interviews with councillors Adam Vaughan and Denzil Minnan-Wong; Manulife Asset Management CEO, J-F Courville and more.

The dandyhorse team takes readers on a ride across Bloor-Danforth from Kipling to Victoria Park, showing how bikes are good for business along the way.

SEE A SNEAK PEAK NOW: Check out this outtake from our Spring 2011 fashion shoot with new dandyhorse contributor, photographer Mike Ford: also provides you with:

-       Five beautiful, full-colour back issues available online to all subscribers

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See you in the streets!
Tammy Thorne
dandyhorse editor-in-chief


Special thanks to our dandy web programmer Randy Chung, art director Jennifer Rong, web designer Anthony Davison, and web advisor Joe Travers for their time and dedication to this dandy project. Big bike love, as always, to all our dandy contributors.

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Wheel of Fortune

Toronto illustrator Chris Simonen describes his experience creating the colourspokes image for the cover of dandyhorse in spring 2010

By Chris Simonen

Dandyhorse couldn't have remained out of my hands for long. A really attractive, bike-centred magazine based in Toronto, frequenting all the same spots I do – it’s a match made in heaven.

Everything's so exciting these days – it’s the moment in our lives to do what feels right. If for you that means making sandwiches, handing out flyers, or shouting through a megaphone at the corner of Bloor & Bathurst, well – you better do it. For me, two summers ago, it meant drawing every component of my bike as I built it up from a graciously donated frame. It was about this time that dandyhorse and I started co-mingling. First I saw it from a distance, but soon I was drawn in. Before I knew it, we were riding right next to each other like it was the most natural thing in the world, and soon, I was featured on its cover.

Now it's been a smashing success. Nothing comes without work, but the more you put in, the more that comes back to you. I still feel driven by the colourspokes image I made for the cover – maybe now more than ever. The great thing about the colourspokes is that it keeps changing as it spins and each moment has the possibility of becoming a beautiful image – a snapshot in time. I hope that in the not-too-distant future, I'll have some long-lasting prints of some of the more memorable instances of the changing spinning wheel. I know people like physical things to keep and hold and remember and to imbue with lots of feelings. But for now I only have two versions available for sale as giclée prints on watercolour paper. These are the most similar to the one on the cover of dandyhorse, but supplies are limited. Contact me quick if you want one of these first-printing gems! If you're too late, don't despair – God allows U-turns! And just by pedalling with the right intentions in your heart, you can create your own magical wheel.

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