CYCLOPS: Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad to Perform at Spring 2011 Issue Launch Party

Clay and Paper Theatre

Clay & Paper’s hit bicycle-based theatre project CYCLOPS: Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad, returns for another summer of bicycle-infused theatre. This mobile performance squad will animate and energize environmental, community and cycling events across Toronto from May Day to Halloween, while forming the core of Clay & Paper's ambitious summer show.

dandyhorse is excited to announce that CYCLOPS will perform a musical number at the Spring 2011 issue launch party in the spirit of our Spring 2011 issue's theme; Bikes are Good for Business on Bloor.

The performance will start at 10:15 PM to be followed by the Opus Cervin bicycle raffle winner announcement.

For more information about Clay & Paper Theatre and CYCLOPS: Cycling Oriented Puppet Squad:

dandyhorse Spring 2011 launch party flyer

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Heels on Wheels: Hyedie Hashimoto

Photos by Molly Crealock
Story by Tammy Thorne

Who : Hyedie Hashimoto, founder of the Toronto Cupcake Ride, a group ride for women that stops at bakeries for sweet treats.

Tricks : I can ride with a cupcake in right hand while left hand steers, brakes and at times rings my bell!

Tips on riding in Heels on Wheels?

Well, I think it's better to bike because it reduces the time I have to walk in them. Pedalling in heels doesn't hurt your feet. Being short, I used to live in heels (especially when I drove everywhere) but sadly it has taken a toll on my knees and sometimes my knees get sore for no apparent reason. And no it's not because of my fixie riding - these knee pains happened before I had my fixie!

Who's your howling pal?

This guy is Duke! He is a 7 year old, ex-hunting beagle that we adopted 4 years ago. I'm sure he'd looooooove to get his chops on a cupcake, but chocolate can be lethal to dogs and he hasn't managed to steal a cupcake from me yet. (Editor's Note: He *did* try to nab one during this photo shoot!)

The theme for our sixth issue -- launching May 30 at the Gladstone Hotel -- is that Bikes on Bloor are good for business. Do you think bikes benefit the local economy?

Bikes help the local economy because it is a way better way to explore the city -- you can take so much more by bike than when you are in a car.

You can see our full interview with Hyedie in our Spring 2011 issue of dandyhorse.

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Win an Opus Cervin Bicycle at the dandyhorse Spring 2011 Launch Party

Opus Cervin

The warmer, sunnier days of May are finally upon us and what better way to explore the outdoors than on a brand new bike?

On Monday, May 30, 2011 dandyhorse magazine will officially launch our Spring 2011 issue in the Melody Bar at Toronto's Gladstone Hotel.

A proud supporter of dandyhorse, Outdoor Gear Canada has generously donated an Opus Cervin bicycle and the only way to win this sweet new ride is by attending our launch party and purchasing a raffle ticket for only $5.

Our latest issue of dandyhorse takes you on an exciting ride along Bloor/Danforth and introduces you to the people, places and neighbourhoods that make this one of the most unique and diverse streets in Toronto.

And what better way to discover Toronto than on a brand new bicycle!

More about the Cervin by Opus:

Neoclassically inspired

Classic styling matched with the very best technologies. That’s our design philosophy with the Opus Urbanista program. Of course, we adapt that classic styling to fit today’s tastes taking inspiration from the extraordinary re-creations that have made today’s versions of the Volkswagen Beetle, Austin Mini and Fiat 500 classics once again.

Swiss style aluminum 6061 frame with Ora Cr-Mo fork
Shimano Acera rear derailleur
Shimano FC-M171 triple crank
Ora Voyage saddle
Rear rack, fenders and kickstand included
MSRP $585

"Slow Bike" movement, it’s about choosing to take a different, but parallel, route that allows you to enjoy the journey by observing and experiencing. The colours, the sounds, the scents of your surroundings – all of these become a part of the journey when you’re slow biking...

We invite you to visit the Urbanista blog :

The Facebook Event Page: dandyhorse magazine spring launch party!

dandyhorse Spring 2011 launch party flyer


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Bicycle Spectacles: Behind the scenes

dandyhorse Volume 4, Issue No. 1 rolls out in May.

This is a sneak peak at some cycling chic captured in photographer Mike Ford's Toronto studio.

This "lovely librarian" is off to return her books safely and in style, with the spring breeze in her hair and nary a care -- except for those late fines. Certainly, someone like her would never run a red light. Even though her skirt screams "look out!" she rides with caution.

Conjuring the spirit of advice columnists Prudence and Delilah of dandyhorse Polite Pedaller fame, this photo shoot couples with our pedal etiquette experts to caution against distracted riding.

Read more in our Spring 2011 issue of dandyhorse about the making of this bicycle spectacle ~ and how you too can ride safely and in style.

Special thanks to Josephson's opticians and Biria bikes and model Casie Brown from Worn.

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Kenk: The film

Kenk, the film: A stop animation portrait of the man who probably stole your bike

Story by Melissa Allen-Anderson

If you’ve lived and cycled in Toronto for a few years, you’ve no doubt heard of him.

You will have seen the newspaper stories about his arrest and you may have even read the book about him.

Now, get ready for KENK, the film. The experimental, documentary short film by the same people who brought you KENK: A Graphic Portrait (featured in dandyhorse Volume 3, Issue No. 1).

I recently sat down with Craig Small, a Toronto animator, and Alex Jansen, the publisher of KENK: A Graphic Portrait, at The Juggernaut animation studio in downtown Toronto to talk about how they captured the city’s most notorious bike thief on film.

After an hour-long conversion with Kenk at his bike shop, Jansen got the idea to film him in 2007 and brought on Jason Gilmore, a filmmaker and graphic designer, as a collaborator. That summer, for six weeks, Kenk allowed the two men to follow him around with a video camera. At the time, everyone suspected Kenk of dealing in stolen bikes, but he’d never been arrested. It wasn’t until the following July that Metro Toronto Police uncovered almost 3,000 bikes at various garages around the city, along with several kilograms of marijuana and a couple of ounces of cocaine. Police laid a total of 58 bike theft and narcotics-related charges against Kenk.

Looking at the grainy footage now, Small comments on -- of all things -- his subject’s work ethic. Kenk, he explains, is a man of contradictions -- and will surprise viewers who think they know everything about him.  “He’s a hard-working thief.”


READ MORE about the film; made with a mixture of live-action and stop animation to create a 15-minute documentary about the man who probably stole your bike.  The FULL STORY, plus photos by Rebecca Baran, are featured  in dandyhorse Volume 4, Issue No. 1 - May 2011. Subscribe today and get dandy at your door.

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