Toronto VS Everybody the Mississauga edition

Image from manhar80 on Instagram.

Toronto VS Everybody the Mississauga edition

Mississauga's new bike plan is bigger than your bike plan

by Tammy Thorne

“The worst part of my commute is probably Etobicoke - very little bike infrastructure,” says Bart Maclean, a Toronto resident who has been riding his bike to work in Mississauga for the last three months. “Most of my travel in Mississauga is across Burnhamthorpe which has a separated path,” says Maclean, who rides every weekday from his home in High Park to his job near Square One Mall. He says Mississauga is uniquely situated to put in bike lanes, well, everywhere.

“In Mississauga you could put bike lanes everywhere if you wanted to, and it would have zero impact on the amount of car lanes. There’s so much space. It’s a unique situation for a city.”

Mississauga city council has realized that too. They are in a great situation. Mississauga could become one of the top bicycle-friendly cities in the country. And that’s why city council approved an epic new bike plan last month that proposes a new cycling infrastructure network that will be fully coordinated with road construction projects. The network is expected to result in almost 1,000 kilometres of cycling infrastructure over the next 27 years.

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A virtual bike lane on Bloor

The power of the orange cone

Inspired by the Urban Repair Squad, the Bike Lane Bouncers create a virtual bike lane for cyclists who have to ride around cars parked in the bike lane

by Jun Nogami

Cars and other motor vehicles parking in bike lanes has been a problem all over the city. A group of concerned citizens decided to draw some attention to this issue by staging an intervention during a balmy Friday evening in July. The idea was that on a given block of the Bloor bike lane, if a car parked in the lane, then we would create a virtual bike lane during the time the car was blocking the real bike lane. This action was partially inspired by a similar action called "a guaranteed bike lane" done by members of Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists (ARC) and the urban repair squad a few years ago.

Friday evening was chosen as a time when there would be plenty of activity on the street. As it turns out, there was also plenty of bike traffic at that time. We were on the north side of Bloor between Brunswick and Albany.

Even before we could get fully set up, a car parked in the lane, and it was gone before we could react.

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The Danforth’s Big Bike Count

Photo by Jun Nogami from Bells on Danforth 2018 ride.

Danforth Bike Count Indicates Huge Demand for Bike Lane

There are thousands of cyclists on The Danforth, as was confirmed recently by a bicycle count. Active transportation advocates believe a bike lane on The Danforth would not only ensure their safety, it would also increase their numbers. 

Over 3,000 cyclists were counted using video on a recent weekday -- a number similar to the pre-bike lane volume on Bloor Street.

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