Pinball Pinarello Prince Auction to Support Right to Play

Here at dandyhorse most of us have been connected to bicycles since we first learned to ride around our childhood neighbourhoods. For childhood friends Michael Barry and Noah Rosen, their early appreciation of bicycles and pinball have reunited and the … Continue reading

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dandySHOPS: ING Direct Network Orange

By Laura Warner Photos by Tammy Thorne The first floor showroom of a financial institution may not be where you would expect to find a makeshift bicycle shop. Yet, if you happened to be strolling around Yonge and Shuter Street … Continue reading

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dandySHOPS: Hoopdriver Bicycles

By Carolyn Pioro Photos by Anita Lalchan In the H.G.Wells-penned comedy, The Wheels of Chance: a Bicycling Idyll, Mr. Hoopdriver, a worn-out everyman, embarks upon a liberating ten-day cycling holiday. He explores near-distant lands, makes unexpected acquaintances and most importantly, … Continue reading

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Dissecting Mayor Ford’s Jarvis Letter – Dave Meslin

dandyhorse magazine’s founding publisher Dave Meslin responds to the letter Mayor Ford sent to everyone who e-mailed him concerning the motion to remove bicycle lanes from Jarvis Street: Hundreds of cyclists, concerned about their personal safety, have been e-mailing their … Continue reading

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Wrenching for Communities with The Bicycle Commons

By Bryen Dunn Photos by Colleen Kirley The Bicycle Commons is a not-for-profit (NFP) initiative that grew out of a volunteer-based pilot project for St. James Town and Regent Park youth in 2010. During the course of the pilot, the … Continue reading

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