1st Annual Toronto Cargo Bike Championship

The first ever Cargo Bike Championship was held this afternoon on the Bentway, a new public space under the Gardiner expressway, adjoining the grounds of Fort York.

The attendees and participants were an interesting mix of families with small children, as well as the bike messenger crowd. For those not willing to race, there was also the opportunity to talk to vendors, and to try out different cargo bikes. Certainly I had not seen more cargo bikes in one place ever before.

Each heat had three racers. This heat had a father son duo who were racing each other.

I think race organizer Darnell is objecting to being passed, or maybe he is yelling encourgement.

This race features Dandyhorse contributor Derek Rayside and his family.

Racers had to do half a lap, load up groceries followed by a lap and a half, and then unload the groceries in the vicinity of the start/finish line. Here they are unloading, with kids helping as well.

This is what the frantic loading area looked like.

Some pretty aggressive cornering with these fully loaded bikes.

There were certainly many different types of cargo bikes in evidence. Here is a Madsen.

I was told this bike is used as a school bus by the Island Montessori School.

This family takes a spin on my Haul a Day.

Urbane Cyclist has a few Tern GSD's in stock. I was very impressed by this e-assisted cargo bike when I tested it at the Toronto Bike Show.

Here is buddy Chris with one of the Mongoose Cargo Bikes that are being sold by Costco for $450, and only in Canada. It looked to be an incredible value at that price point.

The only thing that seemed off with the original parts spec was the fact that the tires looked much too wide for the supplied rims. I also don't think the skull valve covers were stock. Nether was the e-assist that was added later.

All in all, it was a fun event, with a great chance for people to see many different cargo bikes, to test ride a few, and to have a little fun racing.

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