Ride James Ride (day 1)

James Potvin is a 10 year old who is riding from Whitby to Coney Island, NY, a distance of about 1000 km, in order to raise funds for two charities associated with autism treatment. He did a similar ride last year, biking 450 km from Whitby to Ottawa and raising over $10,000 in the process. Today was the first day of his ride, and I had the pleasure of riding with him, his dad Chris, and several other friends and supporters. I met them at the eastern border of the GTA at Rouge Beach, and rode in as far as Roundhouse Park. This afternoon, they will continue west to Clarkson. You can find information about his ride, and track him in real time at his website.

Here is James and his dad, Chris, at Rouge Beach. James being a no nonsense kid, wanted to ride on without much of a pause.

Molly the fire dog and her chauffeur were part of a group of 10 cyclists who rode in from Whitby. Seven of them (including James and Chris) rode on to downtown Toronto.

This section of the Waterfront trail between Rouge Beach and Highland Creek is very beautiful.

James looking determined on an uphill section.

He and his dad are having a discussion about what gear he should be in 😉

One of several shortcuts that we took that didn't appear to save us any time.

Taking in a bit of Guild Park.

There is a gap in the Waterfront Trail along Kingston Rd that is not much fun. However, we had the advantage of safety in numbers.

Lunch break at KFC.

Regrouping so that we could stay together as we passed a construction site where traffic was down to one lane.

We met two more cyclists at Balmy Beach, but I didn't get any pictures as James was determined to push forward. Here we are on Lakeshore headed towards downtown.

On a day like today, there are advantages to travelling by bike.

Now on the Martin Goodman Trail. Everyone remarked on how poor and unsafe the trail crossing was at Cherry St.

After biking for about 60 km, who wouldn't want to get sprayed with a little water? (at Sherbourne Commons)

Waiting for a light at Lower Simcoe.

...and now another short break to take a train ride.

James will be ending his day at Clarkson, and then he will be onto Niagara, and points beyond.

If you are interested in riding along with James, you can track him at his website, or you can follow the hashtag #RideJamesRide on Twitter.

You can also support James by making a donation via his website.


It was a pleasure to meet James, who is a remarkable young man, his family and his supporters. Best of luck and safe riding!


Update: Sept 1: James made it to Coney Island!

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