Heels on Wheels with Ivy Knight

Heels on Wheels with Ivy Knight

Photo by Molly Crealock, interview by Tammy Thorne.

~ This interview was originally published in issue 7, the food issue, summer 2011. ~

UPDATE: Ivy Knight is featuring in The Heat Documentary which is debuting now at Hot Docs 2018.

What do you like most about Toronto?

Our library system. I can place a hold on the latest best-sellers and the library calls me when it comes in. I pick them up and have a month to read them, for free. How awesome is that? I currently have a book on gluten-free baking – that one’s a real page-turner, let me tell you.

What do you love about summer in the city?

Impromptu day drinking on patios – especially at Churchill, the Drake and Cafe Diplomatico. You’ll notice all those patios have something in common: they all serve Bud Light. I am a very devoted fan of the stuff.

Where is your favourite place to ride?

I’m a Victorian tenderfoot taking the air – paved paths through parks suit me just fine.

What do you think of the new BIXI bike sharing program in Toronto?

I think it’s brilliant. The BIXI is perfect if I just want to slowly cycle along the waterfront on the weekend. It feels like I woke up one day and there was a BIXI in every neighbourhood.

What do you think of separated bike lanes like the ones in Montreal, and now NYC?

If there were separated lanes, I might be confident enough to use a bike for transportation.

What is the best restaurant in Toronto for a date?

It depends on who you’re dating. You can take her to Acadia for a gin fizz and Low Country cuisine, Niagara Street for an amazing wine list and Chef Nick Liu’s bacon jam, Le Select for sexy, decadent French food or Brockton General for Chef Alexandra Feswick’s ever-changing little menu. I would say the Harbord Room but she’ll probably ditch you for Chef Cory Vitiello and bartender Dave Mitton. Those two are dangerous, keep your women away!

What’s the best sustainably-minded restaurant in Toronto?

I don’t think you can open a restaurant in this city, or maintain any kind of success in an existing restaurant, if you’re not sustainably-minded. The ones who actually have the farmers delivering at the back door are the chefs I admire.

What are you working on now?

See ivyknight.com

Toronto would be a better place if: they sold Bud Light in convenience stores.

~ This interview was originally published in issue 7, the food issue, summer 2011.  ~

Update: Ivy Knight is featured in The Heat Documentary at Hot Docs 2018.

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