The Bicycle Sukkah

Photo by Bouke Salverda

Bicycle Sukkah

Story by Laura Trethewey

~This story was originally printed in issue 2 of dandyhorse magazine. ~

At the end of Parkdale’s Wilson Park Road sits a Victorian house and quaint garden overlooking the Lakeshore and Gardiner Expressway. With the awesome view and the austere house, a quick passerby just might overlook the garden’s fence. It’s a welded tangle of rusty, spinning, clicking bicycle bits stitched together end to end to form a fence with a cycling-inspired edge.

Gil Zohar, a journalist based in Jerusalem and owner of the property, designed the fence as a more permanent version of a sukkah, a structure in which the week-long Jewish holiday Sukkot is celebrated. “The original idea, as wacky as it sounds, was to make a statement about the sukkah,” says Zohar via email from Israel. “While a sukkah is temporary, the Bicycle Sukkah is obviously more permanent. The wheels of the sukkah, some of which spin, express the paradox of time passing, yet we remain in the same place.”

Constructed the in 1997 with the help of a welder from Stouffville the project became an improvised fence for the garden after one wall was stolen. (What will bike thieves stoop to next?) One wall of the Bicycle Sukkah now sits at the entrance to Zohar’s house in Jerusalem. With more projects in the works – like a spinning wheel covered in stained glass – Israel will get to enjoy Zohar’s future bike artwork.


~This story was originally printed in issue 2 of dandyhorse magazine. ~

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