Spotted: The Need for More Bike Parking

Spotted: Jam-Packed Bike Parking

What: Busy bike racks.

Where: The Art Gallery of Ontario and 401 Richmond.

Why we think it's dandy: Overflowing bike racks remind us of the number of riders in the city and the need for infrastructure to keep up with the demand.

Also: Ontario's Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Eleanor McMahon, recently announced new funds for new bike parking at cultural destinations, like the AGO (seen above).

See Metro's article.

Submission by Amanda Giacomazzo.

Repurposing some nearby infrastructure. Pro Tip: Check to make sure the street sign is securely in the ground before locking your steed to it (on the sidewalk side, not the traffic side which can result in the dreaded 'taco wheel'.)

Getting creative by going vertical outside of 401 Richmond, a cultural creative hub for Toronto's artists downtown.

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