Bike Spotting Peterborough: What’s your favourite bike lane?

Diane Therrien is a bike-friendly city councillor in Peterborough. She is riding in the bike lane on the city's main street, George, which she hopes will be extended all the way to the south end one day.

Favourite bike lane: I have lots. I’m really happy with the ones on Water now because I go up to Trent quite frequently. I like the bike lane across the Hunter Street Bridge. I like Monaghan too, but I sometimes avoid it because of heavy traffic. There’s a lot more going on, on George, so I use this bike lane more (than Monaghan.)

Favourite bike lane-to-be (aka future bike lane):  Charlotte. Charlotte is a hub for economic activity and it’s a central gateway to downtown. Why not make it safe and enjoyable. Hunter too, it’s wider than Charlotte so I sometimes feel more comfortable on it compared to Charlotte right now.


Shivaan Burke inherited her vintage Bianchi from her uncle. She is riding on George Street at Hunter (even though she would prefer Aylmer if it had a bike lane.)

Favourite bike lane:  I really like the bike lanes along George Street, especially in front of City Hall because they have the protected planter boxes there, which, 1) make me feel safe and 2) look really pretty.

Favourite bike lane-to-be: My favourite future bike lane is along Aylmer Street because that is the route I take every Saturday morning to the farmers market. It goes north to south right across the city and it’s also plenty wide to accommodate bike lanes. Aylmer is a two-way street and one-way streets are hard to turn left off of if you aren’t confident.

Megan Boyles is an avid utilitarian cyclist and entrepreneur who recently co-founded two social enterprises: Locavorest, an online Farmers Market, and Three Sisters Natural Landscapes. She is riding in the George Street bike lane above in the demonstration section where there are planters and bollards, just north of McDonnel.

Favourite bike lane: My favourite bike lane is one that is uninterrupted and respected by vehicles. Unfortunately, these are very hard to come by in Peterborough, especially downtown. Despite its unevenness, the bike lane on Monaghan Road might have to be my favourite, as it makes it a bit safer for me to ride, and is continuous from Parkhill to the south end.
Favourite bike-lane-to-be: I'm not sure our city can be truly bike-able without introducing continuous (and enforced) bike lanes on George and Water streets. My favourite bike-lane-to-be would stretch, uninterrupted, from Parkhill to Landsdowne on George St. Is there a better way to encourage active transportation and bring more of our community (safely) downtown with continuous bike lanes?

Tegan Moss is the Executive Director at B!KE, the Peterborough Community Cycling Hub. Above, she's riding on Charlotte just west of George.

Favourite bike lane:  My favourite bike lane right now is coming down George Street just by City Hall with the protected section. I also like the turn boxes with green paint.

Favourite bike lane-to-be: My dream bike lane-to-be is a bike lane down Charlotte street. I’d love to see a separated safe space for bikes in this busy commercial corridor. I think the barrier to getting this bike's a political issue. I still hold out hope to get these bike lanes even though the City voted against them. I think a future council might see things differently than the current council.

This poster was spotted in the front window of B!KE.

Thank you to SteamWhistle for supporting bike lanes and independent media.

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