Bike Spotting: What’s your favourite bike lane?

On a glorious July afternoon we set up camp at St. George and Bloor to ask folks what their favourite bike lane is in the city.


Adelaide. I like the separation they have with the planters on the west side of the city. It provides a lot of space where cyclists can ride side by side and pass each other if need be. Also drivers seem to respect no parking in the lane.



I’m quite partial to Harbord street. It’s nice and winding.



I like Beverly, even though it’s not a true bike lane (it’s sharrows), but it's nice and smooth. I like Sherbourne too.



I like the one on Christie (that starts at Dupont) it’s really safe.


Wellsley and Harbord, just the fact it’s not super bumpy it’s got the partial dividers, and it’s raised a little bit.



I find bike lanes depend on time of day. For example, I love the davenport lane really early in the morning or late at night, as the rest of the time there's a lot of traffic, but when there isn't traffic I can zoom down and get where I'm going really fast. Other than that I guess I really like Shaw Street. It's a major thoroughfare that connects me to a lot of things from where I live. Also it's a residential street so it's always very quiet and pleasant to cycle down.

Thanks to SteamWhistle for supporting bike lanes and  independent media outlets like dandyhorse!

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