New waterfront park at Ontario Place

Despite the high water levels, riding along the shoreline of Lake Ontario just got that much sweeter.

View of Lake Ontario from the new Trillium Park.

Trillium Park, the city’s newest park, and the William G. Davis Trail, the new multi-use paved trail which winds through the park, is open to the public and a beautiful addition to the waterfront. Located to the west of downtown, on former industrial lands connected to Ontario Place, the trail connects seamlessly to the existing Martin Goodman trail, providing cyclists, runners, and walkers respite from the whizzing cars along Lakeshore Drive. The new Trillium Park is a lush green space, with smooth-as-butter pavement, shaded rest areas and one of the best views of the downtown skyline Toronto has to offer.

Joey Schwartz of the Toronto Bicycle Network attended the launch of the new park and also enjoyed riding the trail. He shared these photos with us.

Toronto skyline from Trillium Park.

As reported here in dandyhorse back in March 2014, the revitalization of the former urban industrial space will bring a little bit of natural beauty to the city. The park is a departure from the hard concrete and asphalt that makes up much of the Martin Goodman Trail, with over 1,200 trees planted, natural rock seating areas, and winding paved pathways throughout the park.

Significant landscaping of the park provides small hills, rock formation and winding pathways.

With 1.3 km of trail and surrounding 7.5 acre of green space, the park is a destination ride, a place to stop and relax on a long bike ride, or a slow detour while commuting to and from downtown. The park is raised higher than originally designed in order to compensate for high water levels as we are seeing this year.

The Park pays tribute to the varied history of Toronto, one as an ode to the premier William G. Davis, who opened Ontario Place, as well as subtle tributes to First Nations peoples by through imagery and rolling hills that mimic the Mississaugas of the New Credit’s traditional landscape.

A moccasin carved into the rock underpass in Trillium Park

Premier Kathleen Wynne and Eleanor McMahon, the Ontario Minister of Tourism Culture and Sport, were the key government officials on hand to inaugurate the park and trail. Local MPP Han Dong was present as the master of ceremonies. The most notable dignitary to speak was former Premier William Davis’ daughter, Meg. She thanked everyone for attending, although did not explain the reason for her father’s absence.

Premier Kathleen Wynne speaks at the Trillium Park Inauguration Ceremony.

In total, the cost of the revitalized industrial space and park came in at a cost of $30 million. As phase one in a multi-phase plan of the Ontario Government’s to revitalize Ontario Place, we have much to look forward to on this section of the waterfront.

Trillium Park, Lake Ontario and a beautiful sunset sky.

The new park and trail are now open and free for the public. A stop in the park is well worth it while on a bike ride along the waterfront. Take a deep breath, snap a photo and bask in the beauty of Toronto.

Downtown Toronto skyline from Trillium Park.

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