Not All Priority Bikes Lanes are Being Cleared After Snowfall: City Cyclist


City Cyclist has put together another video for your viewing pleasure – and for educational purposes for our friends at the City of Toronto who promised to keep a number of priority bike lanes cleared. Turns out they haven’t been very consistent in the clearing process this year according to reports on Facebook and this video. (With the fancy cycle track on Sherbourne being one exception, perhaps.)

In Part 1, he rides through the snow squall that Toronto had a few weeks back. Looks like it was a real adventure!

“University Ave. was like a snowy, apocalyptic wasteland. I rode right at the height of the storm – I was actually trying to get home just before it, but that didn't work out! It was still a fun ride, though slippery and treacherous at times,” he told dandyhorse.

Part 2 of the video is a look at how well (or really, mostly how poorly) bike lanes were cleared several days after the snowstorm. The snow squall was on a Thursday, then the city had significant snow over the weekend. On Tuesday, City Cyclist hit the streets again.

“I thought after the City had almost three days to clear the snow, it had to be decent. In many cases…not so much! Side streets [especially] were a mess,” City Cyclist told us.

“If I could give the City one message about bike lane snow and ice clearing it would be to pick designated priority cycling routes – east/west and north/south – and properly clear and maintain them. Give us somewhere we can feel safe. It's such a crappy patchwork at the moment.”

We will have a new interview with the City’s Manager of Road Operations on soon in which we ask: Why is it so hard to keep the bike lanes clear after it snows? Stay tuned.

For more information you can read this story on which followed the City’s initial announcement about its bike lane snow clearance plans. Designated prioritized routes include cycle tracks (including the Roncesvalles bus pads) and contra-flow lanes, as well as St. George/Beverley, Wellesley, Harbord, College, Gerrard, River, Shuter, Lower Simcoe, Lower Yonge, Strachan and Bloor (NEW) plus the Prince Edward Viaduct.

Look out for those "moveable living rooms" out there folks!

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