International bike spotting – Alistair Ogilvy

To help us get through the next couple of colder months, dandyhorse is going to be profiling cyclists from around the world! Folks who love to cycle, here in Toronto and further afield, will give us insight into what it's like to cycle in their cities. Want to add your voice to the bikespotting series? Get in touch with us at:

Alistair Ogilvy - Singer/Songwriter, Glasgow 

What is it like biking in your city? 

For the most part Glasgow is a nice city to cycle in as it's small enough that you can travel from one side of the city to the other in a very short space of time. Meaning that it's economically a better option than taking the car, taxi, bus etc... When the weather is decent cycling can be a joyous experience in Glasgow plus the fact that the city is one of the greenest cities in Europe with a ton of parks and beautiful architecture to admire. It provides something of a more sensual journey. There are also off road cycle lanes all over the city, some taking you out to the country side.

How are the bike lanes?

There are only bike lanes on some roads, so they are pretty limited and most of the paint has worn away on the ground.

What can the city do better?

The city could introduce more bike lanes, better signs, smoother road conditions.  Glasgow can be bad for pot holes and uneven road surfaces, this is an issue for motorists as well as cyclists.

Where else would you like bike lanes? 

I think more bike lanes in the west end of Glasgow would be beneficial as there are a lot of parked cars opening doors suddenly and pedestrians jumping out behind cars can be dangerous. It would also encourage people to cycle more as they would have more confidence, Glasgow could easily become a a more bike friendly city like Copenhagen or Amsterdam.

What is the relationship between cars and bikes? 

Mostly the relationship is good, however you do come across careless drivers, who drive too close or don't have patience for cyclists. As a driver too it gives me a better understanding of the road etiquette required or understanding what a car might do.

If you could summarise city cycling in one word what would it be? 


Alistair is a noted Scottish musician whose work fuses traditional music with modern sensibilities. You can learn more about him here

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