International bike spotting – Rory Lowe

To help us get through the next couple of colder months, dandyhorse is going to be profiling cyclists from around the world! Folks who love to cycle, here in Toronto and further afield, will give us insight into what it's like to cycle in their cities. Want to add your voice to the bikespotting series? Get in touch with us at:

Rory Lowe - Trainee Paramedic/Barista, Sydney

What is it like biking in your city?

Riding in Sydney is beautiful and fun but can be pretty stressful with agro drivers showing little respect for cyclists. I commute for work and also ride longer distances on my road bike, I stick to the same few routes for my longer rides as they generally have less heavy traffic on them. Sydney has quite a few cycle lanes in the central city area which makes it more relaxing to ride.

How are the bike lanes?

The bikes lanes that aren't being removed (yet) are pretty good, generally they're well kept and link up to others. Sometimes they are pretty badly thought out which makes riders use the road instead.

What can the city do better?

They could make the cycle lanes connect up and have a better flow to them in regards to the traffic lights. The city could also add more cycle lanes in and around the city, try to encourage people to commute on them more.

Where else would you like bike lanes?

City, surrounding suburbs, connected to the beaches

What is the relationship between cars and bikes?

Generally it's not very good at the moment, it's kind of an 'us vs them' vibe. It's stupid and dangerous and not helping anyone. Some drivers are courteous with riders but others are aggressive and seem to have no problem putting cyclists in danger.

If you could summarise city cycling in one word what would it be? 


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  1. Dianna Kelly says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I ride my bike in my city whenever I have free time. It’s one of the few things I do as a hobby.

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