Bike Spotting at Sherbourne and Carlton: Why is fall cycling so great?


Bike Spotting: Why is fall cycling so great? Do you have any tips?

By Tammy Thorne and Cayley James 



It's amazing because the weather is perfect … don’t want to get too personal here, but, no sweating. I do my best to light myself up like a Christmas tree. I’ve got front and back reflectors and lights, and little lights on my wheels.



Nice when the weather is warm and cool like this and not freezing cold. Layer up! Lights! Wear gloves and helmet.



It’s tricky - during the day often it’s warm and then during the night it’s cold. If you’re out all day, then you’ve got to dress for all weathers. You’ve got to bring your layers!



It’s fine. It’s perfect! Keep on cycling. Weather is great so don’t stop!



It’s better in the fall! Less crowded and less hot. Wear lots of reflective gear.


It's very enjoyable with a cool breeze, not tonight, but sometimes. It’s wonderful, it’s quiet with not as many cyclists on the road … and I’ve got a far commute (10 km each way). Oh yeah, Don't forget to bring your lights!



Fall cycling is amazing because you get to enjoy the crisp cool air. There are fewer cyclists on the road.

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