Bike Spotting on Bloor: What do you think of the new bike lane?


Bike Spotting at Bloor and Brunswick: Part 1

Photos by Cayley James, interviews by Tammy Thorne and Cayley James

We asked: What do you think of this new bike lane on Bloor?

(You can check out Part 2 here.)

Leaura and Carly 

Leaura: We were just talking about how cars don’t really realize that when they’re turning right the lane [is here] and they’re going into the right lane unknowingly. It’s a little dangerous. I’m constantly using my bell.

Carly: I don’t think drivers are quite used to it yet with parking on the side of it. People often almost get doored from the passenger side.



Mike: The Bloor bike lane is alright but I was okay with it before. It's still dangerous.


Deveney: It’s good. Definitely a lot safer. But it’s still pretty narrow. I was witness to a pretty significant accident just west of here. A guy couldn’t decide if he wanted to to be next to me or in front of me and he hit one of the white poles. There’s just not enough room for two [to pass]. I moved over as far as I could but there wasn’t much more I could do.


Jared: People are wary. The way they did it is a lot better than I thought it would be, and  there’s a lot better flow. I’m usually biking later in the evening, or at night so we’ll see how it is today [during rush hours]. But you’ve got to be positive. It's an improvement.

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