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Biking times: They are the best of times

Joe Travers of recently spoofed the version of the London Underground “walking times” map by Pavlo Kalyta that showed walking distances between tube stations. Travers decided to use biking times in between Toronto’s subway stops to illustrate that biking is, indeed, the better way - or at least the faster way in most cases.


“I realized that if people knew how quick a nice bike ride would be between two specific stations they may be more likely to dust off their bike and give it a try. It’s only 29 minutes from Woodbine to College, which is far faster than the TTC at rush hour.” Travers started commuting by bike in 2005 when the TTC replaced the tracks for the 506 streetcar line along Carlton/ College.
“All the re-routing and detours made it take forever to get to work, so a co- worker, who is also a neighbor, and I, tried biking in together one weekendand it was easier than we expected. We went from being streetcar buddies to bike buddies.”


Average times from Google map directions.

dandyhorse added the bus route to York University in homage to Darnel Harris' quest for active transport near York U. Read about that here.
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