Fun with Foldies: Brompton Urban Challenge recap


Fun with Foldies

Brompton Urban Challenge recap

Story and photos by Jun Nogami.

The Brompton Urban Challenge is a fun, social event that is promoted by Brompton worldwide. The second annual such event for Toronto was held on August 27, 2016, presented by Curbside Cycle.

All folding bike owners were welcome, but has it turned out the group was 100 per cent Brompton. We gathered at Queen’s Park to get our marching (rolling?) orders.


There were almost 30 of us, and we were organized into seven teams for a scavenger hunt around the downtown area. We had two hours to complete a minimum of 10 tasks.



Each task consisted of a clue, and the solution was a photo that we had to tweet, with #BUCTO, as well as the name of the task and our team name. Judges kept track of all of the tagged photos while they came in.

For example, the clue for #FountainofYouth was “Riding a Brompton is great fun. Show your Brompton knocking back the years as you play in the city. Get wet if you want.” and our picture was this:


#bucto #himom #SuchGreatHeights

Riding with my team “Hi Mom”:




Around 12:30 p.m., teams started rolling into the end point at Mirvish Village.

A full slate of prizes provided by Curbside Cycles and Ortlieb.


After all the teams arrived, there were some post ride challenges. The first one was folding and unfolding a Brompton while blindfolded.




Heather was fastest at just under 41 seconds.


Next was the tire toss, with prizes being the tires themselves.


This team won “best dressed”, probably because 75 per cent of them wore bow ties:


Note that only 33 per cent of my team wore bow ties.


Finally, our judges announced the team prizes. Pictures were judged in terms of both quality and creative interpretation of the clues. First place went to team “ Straight Outta Brompton”.


Then it was time for cake.


Dave, our master of ceremonies, cuts the cake.


Here is a picture of all the happy participants.


As Dave said, this event presented a chance for a community of Brompton owners to bond; instead of having to explain the bike to people as often happens when we are off riding on our own.

If anyone is interested, the Toronto Brompton Owners’ group has a Facebook page.


Many thanks to the good people at Curbside Cycle for organizing the event and for the loaner bike for this event. Thanks also to my teammates Kevin and Armand. I was happy that our team placed a solid fourth place.

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