Top 30 Biggest Bikes in the World

Story by James Williams

The Bullitt might be gaining attention wherever it goes for its unusual style. However, ever since people first began trying to invent bicycles, there have been several interesting contraptions created. Some of these date back to one of the first bikes ever constructed, the penny farthing. Of course others still were created by much more modern minds.

It seems that no matter how long the bicycle has been around for, some feel as though there is always room for improvement.

If you need further proof take a look at some of the most incredible machines described on this image by the cycling website Cykelvalg.

Graphic by Mads Phikamphon

There are a few who bear a resemblance to the Bullitt although considerably less streamlined in design.

The Christiania bike and the Long John were specifically created to haul things around from one place to another. There are some other bikes that seem to have a less obvious role to play such as the aptly named Stoopid Tall bike. Here, the rider sits aloft a fifteen foot machine that can actually be ridden. Some of the other bicycles are also as macabre although certainly noteworthy.

The inventors of these machines have taken something as simple and ordinary as a bike and made it a sight to behold. While you may not see one of these being ridden down your street, it is still a wonderful feeling knowing that they are out there. It is also a treat for any bicycle enthusiast who wants to find out more about these fantastic machines.

About the Author:

James Williams is a bike engineer who has been in the bicycle designing industry for over a decade. James is fascinated by all bicycles and is an avid follower of new and innovating designs. He created this list as a way to share his interest in all of the macabre machines that various individuals have put together over the years.

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