Bloor Bike Lane Opening in Photos

Photos by Martin Reis

August 12, 2016 marks a historic day, the day Bloor bike lanes officially opened!

Here's Liz Sutherland and her precious pooch enjoying the safety

Everybody was excited to get their moment in the lane

Some local bicycle action heroes stopped by - here is councillor Joe Cressy!

dandyhorse's bicycle hero himself - Mike Layton spoke about the amazing strides made in the bike community on this day

28317233624_5e9badc799_h (1)
Cressy, Layton and Cycling Manager in Transportation Infrastructure Management, Jacquelyn Hayward Gulati all had a chance to speak to the media

Freedom for cyclists!

28830801082_d221e7c87b_b (1)
Longtime dandy friend and contributor Albert Koehl was all smiles all day!

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Amazing the safety cyclists feel on Bloor now, bike lanes make all the difference!

28317247404_e2f63f17db_h (1)
Cyclists take over Bloor this morning and forever!

Martin Reis is a long-time dandy photographer who has been capturing the city's bike culture - and more - for many years.

Tino by Michal IMG_0930
Martin Reis pictured here by Michal Hay

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