Bike Spotting Bloor Part Two from our new issue

From the summer 2016 issue of dandyhorse magazine: get dandy or subscribe here.

Finally, after years of community effort Torontonians will be able to ride safely along Bloor with the installation of a partially protected bike lane pilot project on Bloor from Avenue to Shaw. We asked cyclists and local councillors about the new bike lane.

Photos by Claire McFarlane, Interviews by Tammy Thorne

Here’s what they said:

Counciller Joe Cressy (Ward 20)

Joe Cressy for online

I’ve been looking forward to bike lanes on Bloor since I was child living in the Annex. Bike lanes on Bloor – it’s time! Bikes lanes on Bloor made sense in the 1990s and they make even more sense in 2016. As our city continues to grow, we must make the transition to more active forms of transportation. Using a pilot to demonstrate how the entire Bloor- Danforth corridor could work is a necessary, and long overdue, first step.

There is no question that working alongside my council colleague, Mike Layton, I’ve made bikes on Bloor my top priority. From participating in our Bikes on Bloor working group, to going door-to-door canvassing residents and businesses, to reaching out to my fellow councillors and city staff, this project is a big deal. However, when we finally ride the Bloor bike lane it will be because of the relentless work of thousands of people across the city. I’m simply honoured to have been a part of it.



"YES! I think it will change the whole landscape of the city and make it more bikeable."



"I don’t really ride on Bloor now, I don’t have to. It’s too busy. I would guess it will be better with a bike lane."



"Hell yeah!"

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