The Suzuki Foundation supports bikes lanes on Bloor

Gideon Suzuki Foundation

Story by Tammy Thorne originally published in our Summer 2016 issue.

Photo by Claire McFarlane

Gideon Forman, the climate change and transportation policy analyst at the David Suzuki Foundation says it didn’t take a lot of convincing to bring Canada’s best known environmental agency on board to battle for bike lanes on Bloor. One of the foundation’s priorities is getting people out of cars and on to bikes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We asked Forman why supporting bike lanes on Bloor was so important to the Suzuki foundation.

“The organization is completely committed to active transportation. So it didn’t take a lot of convincing. In my own [policy] work I wanted a mix of concrete projects along with more abstract work like carbon pricing [DSF has done a lot of work in Ontario on cap and trade] which is very nerdy and very important stuff but not quite as tangible. I wanted something you could show people, that you can see and feel. And the great thing about the bike lane is that it contributes to what I call ‘”climate optimism.” The bike lane is a concrete display of action that you are making a difference – that there is something we can do right here in Toronto and we can do it right now. Bloor Street is our main street – not to be too downtown-centric – but in some ways Bloor is our main street. To win this [bike lane] on our main street in Toronto is crucial. Symbolically it’s important but it’s also important in the real world. We see this as a starting point for building out the whole network. So we thought it was important in terms of climate optimism and also that it would facilitate more cycling. We thought if we could get this bike lane on Toronto’s main street we could show that we could do it in any city.”

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