The First Week of the Bloor Bike Lane in Photos


Cyclist rides the new Bloor bike lane wearing a Bells on Bloor shirt, one of the many groups who have campaigned to make this possible. 

The first week of the Bloor bike lane in photos

Photos by Martin Reis

The first week of construction of the Bloor bike lane has come to a close, and anyone who's ridden by the stretch it's been affecting knows how fantastic it's been coming along.

Here's a look at what the lanes look like so far:


Pre Paint Markings

Dotted lines marked over the spot where parking will be separated from the curb, leaving space for the lane.


Crews hard at work painting the lanes.  Fresh Painted Lines

Hopefully soon all these cyclists parked on the right will be able to safely get where they need to go (and hopefully the city will add more bike parking).


Cyclist by the dotted line

Cyclists on one side of the street had a set of dotted lines through the construction zone...IMG_20160803_151228

...while on the other the paint was already there, along with traffic. IMG_20160803_151346 IMG_20160803_150939


Cyclist on Bloor 2016-08-04_12-56-28

Riding safely by the cars in traffic. IMG_20160804_125306

Without organizations such as Bells on Bloor, amongst others, these lanes wouldn't have been possible. IMG_20160804_125234 

More photos!

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