Friends For Life Bike Rally Day 5


Friends For Life Bike Rally from the road with Peter Harte

Day 5 - July 28

Today we honoured the riders who have openly disclosed their HIV status and wore the poz jersey and led us out of camp. It's a very emotional day as some of these people have not publicly disclosed their status before and this is the first time and place they feel comfortable doing so.

Today's ride was beautiful. We rode alongside the St. Lawrence river and through the beautiful 1000 islands provincial park which had some of the smoothest roads I've ever been on. My team had to serve lunch today and then sweep in all of the riders in the afternoon so it made for a long day. My knees are starting to hurt but—did I mention?—the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College is here giving us all free chiro and massage treatments and I had them look at my knees. I also had my neck cracked for the first time in my life yesterday. I was dazed and perma-smiled for the rest of the day.
When we got into camp the theme for the evening was "light up the night" where we were asked to decorate our campsites with glow sticks, flash lights and anything else we could find. Collectively my team brought about 200 glow sticks and that's it, so we made a runway and had everyone strut down it with the paparazzi at the end takin flash photography. Nothing better than a a little audience participation, right?
The evening for me had a slight somber feeling. It's the last night of camping and tomorrow we arrive into Montreal. It's such a dream doing this ride. All you have to do is bike, eat, sleep, laugh and I hate the thought of having to go back live in reality.
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