Friends For Life Bike Rally Day 3


We are continuing our blog postings directly from the Friends for Life Bike Rally. Here's what Peter Harte had to say about the second day:

Story and Photos by Peter Harte

Day 3 - July 26

Waking up on this day is everyone's favourite for today we dress in red, ride a leisurely 53k into Kingston and get to spend the night at Queens University residence. Aaaand sleep in a real bed. It's visually incredible to see all of us riders wearing red riding on the road. Literally a sea of sequins and sashes. It's today when it really hits you how many of us there are and that we are a force riding for an incredible cause. On some days you ride alone or with a small pack, but today it really feels like one group.

Graham Martin , Dillon Scheenaard, Andy Glenn and Craig Sakula pose in their red outfits!

The day is over before you know it and suddenly you're at the residence eating your cafeteria lunch and then taking a nap, having a drink, or doing laundry. We all go out for dinner with our teams tonight and then to the club Stages to see a fabulous drag show starring Toronto (and internationally, really) legend Miss Conception. One of my favourite things to see are the first time riders who are not frequently at LGBT events (or if ever at all) experience a gay bar with drag queens. Everybody gaggingggg!

Simon Lynseys: Ready to ride!

Tonight is also a great way to get to know your fellow riders in a more personal way and get to see what they actually look like. Seeing riders on the road in their jerseys, helmets, and sunglasses everyone kind of looks the same! It's also the time during the week where you're building those connections and friendships that can easily last a lifetime. But like every other day during this week, tomorrow is an early morning and so there is a high price to be paid for staying out late and drinking too much.

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