Friends For Life Bike Rally: Day 1

IMG_7421Send off at Allen Gardens bright and early Sunday morning. 

We are continuing our blog postings directly from the Friends for Life Bike Rally. Here's what Peter Harte had to say about the first day:

Story by Peter Harte

Photos by Dillon Sheenaard

Day 1 - July 24, 6:49 p.m.

Today went so fast I can't believe it. But being thrown into this is just what I needed. A quick change of pace from what I've been used to. The energy and support at our departure was so moving. So many people up at 7:30am ready to embark on an incredible journey.



Dillon Scheenaard (left) and Peter Harte (right), with the other riders, donned their gear, donated by the rally's sponsors, to make the 100+ kilometre ride. 

It was, however, a challenging day. 108 km and very windy. There was overcast so no complaints with the heat. The last 10 km seemed to drag on forever though. Every side road I saw I swear was where we turned last year to get into camp. But the scenery was a beautiful distraction from the never ending road. This year I am making a point to look to my left and right more frequently to see more of the lakeshore, the farms, the bushes, the chipmunks... I sometimes find myself in this zone where I am just staring at the road lanes and the tops of my knees and I end up missing so much. I promise to get off my bike and take pictures of the scenery for you 🙂

IMG_7430Folks gathered after a long ride to eat and chat. 

IMG_7434Views from the farm.
We just finished supper and all our tents are set up in the little villages on someones private farm donated to us. The rest of the ride is on public campground so tonight is special because it's just for us. We could bath in the lake down the hill or be bussed to the nearest athletic centre. Oh I forgot to mention that dinner was lasagna and caesar salad which is my all time favourite meal. This ride is off to a great start lol.

IMG_7435Tent villages all set up.


Thanks, Peter! Stay tuned for daily updates from the Friends for Life Bike Rally for the People With AIDS Foundation.

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