Bike Share announces expansion: East side draws the short stick


Story by Rhiann Moore

Bike Share, in association with Metrolinx and Toronto Parking Authority, has officially announced the exciting news that they are adding 120 new stops in Toronto, totalling up to 1000 new bikes, nearly double the number they have now. In the press release they shared three maps of the city showing where all of the stops, new and old, would be located.

Bike Share has become increasingly popular in Toronto since it's inception in 2011. The simple system allows users to either rent for the day using a credit card for $7, or become a member for $90 per year that uses their key to release the bike, returning it at the end of the day.

Western Toronto expansion

Central Toronto understandably seems to get the bulk of Bike Share's attention!

Eastern Toronto gets the short end of the stick.

While the maps make it clear that the expansion will certainly be comprehensive and give tourists and locals alike the chance to ride bikes without having to bring or purchase their own, they also show there is a certain area that is perpetually lacking in Bike Share's expansions. That area being the east of Toronto. Despite the beautiful beaches being the ideal place to grab a bike and ride around, those visiting or living in eastern Toronto will need to ride their own da*n bikes!

Even so, Bike Share's news is still a clear step forward to a more mobile, active, and greener Toronto! Hopefully, our east end friends will get some bike sharing love next time the system expands.

In honour of the news we here at dandy wanted to share not only some new information, but also take a look back on the great times Bike Share has and will continue to share with Torontonians.

Once the expansion is complete, Bike Share Toronto will have 201 stations, 2040 docks and 2,000 bikes in July 2016. The original systems launched on May 3, 2011 had 80 stations, 1,500 docks and 1,000 bikes. Provided below is a comprehensive list of all the new Bike Share locations:

Atlantic Ave/Liberty St
Augusta Ave/Denison Sq
Bathurst St/Lennox St
Bathurst Subway Station
Bay St/Lakeshore Blvd
Bay St/Scollard St
Bedford Rd/Lowther Ave
Berkley St/Queen St W
Beverly St/College St
Bloor GO/UP Station
Bloor St/Christie St
Bloor St/Dufferin St
Bloor St/Dundas St W
Bridgman Ave/Bathurst St
Bridgman Ave/Kendal Ave
Broadview Ave/Dundas St E
Broadview Ave/Erindale Ave
Brock Ave/Dundas St W
Carelton St/Parliament St
Cariboo St/West Toronto Rail Path
Castle Frank Rd/Bloor St E
Cedarvale Ave/Danforth Ave
Cherry St/Distillery Ln
Cherry St/Mill St
Chester Ave/Danforth Ave
City Hall
Classic Ave/Spadina Ave
Clinton St/Harbord St
College St/Clinton St
College St/Crawford St
College St/Markham St
College St/Ossington Ave
Danforth Ave/Aldridge Ave
Danforth Ave/Coxwell Ave
Danforth Ave/Ellerbeck St
Danforth Ave/Gough Ave
Danforth Ave/Lamb Ave
Danforth Ave/Westlake Ave
Davenport Rd/Bathurst St
Davenport Rd/Bedford Rd
Davenport Rd/Christie St
Dufferin Grove Park
Dundas St E/Regent Park Blvd
Dundas St E/Victoria St
Dundas St W/Beaconsfield Ave
Dundas St W/Crawford St
Dundas St W/Euclid Ave
Dundas West Subway Station
Essex St/Christie St
Fort York Blvd/Bathurst St
Fort York Blvd/Garrison Rd
Front St/Bay St
Front St/Cherry St
Gerrard St E/Broadview Ave
Gerrard St E/River St
Glen Edyth Dr/Davenport Rd
Hanna Ave/Liberty Ave
Harbord St/Lippincot Ave
Harrison St/Dovercourt Rd
Hayter St/LaPlante Ave
Hazelton Ave/Davenport Rd
HTO Park
Jarvis St/Dundas St W
Jimmie Simpson Park
Kendal Ave/Bernard Ave
Kendal Ave/Spadina Rd
King St E/River St
King St W/Douro St
King St W/Jefferson Ave
King St W/Mowat Ave
King St W/Strachan Ave
King St W/Tecumseth St
King St/Bay St
Landsdowne Ave/Wade Ave
Landsdowne Ave/Whytock Ave
Liberty St/Fraser Ave
Liberty St/Pirandello St
Lipto Aven/Pape Ave
Lower Sherbourne St/The Esplanade
Macpherson Ave/Madison Ave
Main St/Stephenson Ave
Main Subway Station
Margueretta St/College St
Marlborough Ave/Yonge St
Mary McCormick Recreation Centre
Mill St/Tannery Rd
Mortimer Ave/Coxwell Ave
Moss Park
Niagara Ave/Tecumseth St
Ossington Ave/Bloor St W
Palmerston Ave/Vermont Ave
Parliament St/Aberdeen Ave
Parliament St/Bloor St E
Portland Ave/Stewart St
Queen St W/Close Ave
Queen St W/Dovercourt Rd
Queen St W/Cowan Ave
Queen St W/Gladstone Ave
Queen St W/Logan Ave
Queen St W/Sackville St
Riverdale Park North
Riverdale Park South
Roxton Rd/Harbord St
Rusholme Drive/College St
Salem Ave/Bloor St W
Seaton St/Dundas St E
Shaftesbury Ave/Yonge St
Sherbourne St/Howard St
St.George St/Hoskin Ave
Sterling Rd/Dundas St W
Strachan Ave/Lake Shore Blvd W
Strachan Ave/Princes Blvd
Sumach St/Winchester St
Ulster St/Bathurst St
Wychwood Barns
Yarmouth Rd/Christie St
Yonge St/Aylmer Ave
Yonge St/Wood St
Yonge St/Yorkville Ave

Bike Share news and views from past dandy issues

CEO's Love Bike Share

Photo by Dylan Leeder, original story Banking on Bike Share: TD CEO on why bikes are good for business

Hockey believes expansion is essential to increase the value of Bike Share. “What you want is the ability to reach farther out, to be able to draw more people to – and from – the core,” Hockey says. The current Bike Share network focuses only on downtown, with the northernmost row of stations running along Bloor. There are no stations west of Dufferin or east of the Don Valley Parkway. For Hockey, the program needs to expand beyond this zone in order to serve more residential populations. “I firmly believe that if you build it, they will come,” he says.

Bike Spotting 2015: See the series here.

Natasha at St. George Subway Station said: "It would be useful to have a Bike Share station at the subway station. Being a student on campus, I think it would be useful because the subway doesn’t always take you where you need to go. It would be nice to take the subway and then have a bike right outside to take you to spots that are hard to get to on transit. I think I'd like to see some more of the drop-off points spaced around, but if anything this city needs more bike lanes."


Bruce at Bloor and Queen's Park said: "It’s brilliant. It’s smart. I use it all the time. It could be great if they looked at expanding a little farther out of the core. There are a few situations where it would be great if they were closer to the subway lines. I think there’s some politics around that with the TTC. They’re improving the placement a little bit."


Bike Share cargo bike spotted in action!


This is Bike Share's cargo bike operator, Eric, above. We spotted him in action last year. Read about it here. It's through operations such as this that Bike Share continues to be a great influence on Toronto, not only providing a greener way to travel, but also going so far as to ensure their company is as green as can be - no matter the extra labour!


At Bike with Mike 2016 city councillor and cycling champion Mike Layton was seen giving the cargo bike a test-run. He noted that day how great it would be if Bike Share could exclusively use cargo bikes for their repairs. Scott Hancock, Bike Share GM told the good councillor that if the City keeps up the good work at installing new protected bike lanes, they will be able to do more work by bike.

Bike Share is an affordable and practical way of getting around the city with yearly memberships priced at $90, and $18 for a monthly membership. Even without memberships tourists are encouraged to rent a bike for the day to see the city. They can also be an amazing way for people to test out their comfort biking in the city before committing to buying their own bike.

For more information visit and watch the dandyblog for updates.

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