Toronto’s Vision Zero Plan Leaves a Lot to Desire


There are better ways to implement lower speed limits. 

By Albert Koehl

This post was originally published on Torontoist.

Toronto’s Vision Zero plan was always going to be a great plan—until its details were released.

What politician wouldn’t want to be associated with a plan to save lives? Even great champions of cars support a lower death toll on roads, so long as the business-as-usual model stays in place. Toronto’s Road Safety Plan [PDF], released last week, outlines a number of credible measures to improve road safety; but the lazy timeline, small budget, and submissive goal leave the impression that the priority is protecting the status quo, not the safety of road users. Even while acknowledging the Vision Zero goal, the Toronto plan aims merely to reduce “the number of fatal and serious injury collisions by 20 per cent by 2026,” providing a stark insight for what’s considered an acceptable “balancing” of safety and mobility. The other 80 per cent—or 400 lives (along with about 3,000 seriously injured bodies)—are apparently expendable.

ICYMI: Yesterday Public Works gathered to discuss Vision Zero, but sadly not much has changed since they first announced the tepid plan.

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