How Council Likes Bike Lane Plans More than Bike Lanes

To no one's surprise, council hasn't met its 10-year bike goals in the past. 

By: Jacob Lorinc

This story was originally published on the Torontoist.

bikemaponthebrain_byNess_Lee20141 Art by Ness Lee originally published in Bike lanes on Bloor on the back burner again?

Last month, the City unveiled its latest long-term plan to expand cycling infrastructure in Toronto. In an effort to create a connected network for cyclists across the city, the proposed 10-year project identifies 525 kilometres of potential cycling infrastructure to the tune of $153.5 million over the next decade. The majority of the infrastructure would be located on major thoroughfares—with roughly 55 km dedicated to “sidewalk-level boulevard trails” alongside some of the busier streets—while the remainder would be spread out across quieter streets.

The Public Works & Infrastructure Committee agreed on a lower price tag, $16 million per year, and council agreed to the plan in principle, although some significant bike lane recommendations were removed in the process (review the recommended bike lanes here). But the proposal has yet to go through the budget process, so the plan can’t be implemented just yet.

Given Council’s history of not following through on plans it agrees to in principle, that’s an important caveat.

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