Bike Spotting: What do you think of the Adelaide bike lane?


Hywel stopped to talk to us during our latest bike spotting. He's from Vancouver, and pointed out how few kids can use the Toronto bike lanes due to the lack of separation from motor vehicle traffic. 

Bike Spotting: What do you think of the Adelaide bike path? 

Photos by Chelsea La Vecchia. Interviews by Tammy Thorne. 

We did a little Bike Spotting on Adelaide, one of the city's pilot projects for protected bike lanes.

We asked: How do you like this bike lane here on Adelaide?


Richmond and Adelaide are still pretty jenky. It's not a protected bike lane by any means. I'm from Vancouver and we have those planters, so you actually see kids biking on those lanes. You don't see kids using these lanes downtown because you're riding with traffic, right?!



It's okay. It's quite dangerous sometimes with the cars, but better than nothing.



It's good. It works well. It's nice that it has separation. It would be nice if they would redo the quality of the asphalt. If it was a better quality there would be less bumps.



Great. It makes such a difference. Biking along Adelaide and Richmond makes my commute so much easier.



I think it's stupid that they keep all the streetcar tracks. One time I fell right over [at Adelaide and Victoria] and scraped my knee really bad.

As you see, there were mixed reviews on Adelaide, but everyone agreed that having a separated bike lane on the major downtown artery was key. Perhaps one day the streetcar tracks will be gone, the roads will be repaved, and we'll see little kiddies biking behind the beautiful buffer of some good ol' fashion planters. One day.

For now we've been informed that the city WILL be repatching and infilling the ghost tracks (streetcar tracks no longer in use) this week in the "danger zone" aka the courier/loading zone between Bay and York where the bike lane abruptly ends and becomes sharrows, and cyclists mix with traffic. Read more on that here.

Also Spotted: another major issue for cyclist safety, parking in the bike lane.

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