Six Bike Lanes That Could Help Connect The GTA

Finch Hydro CorridorPhoto by Corey Horowitz from our Finch Hydro Corridor post.

Six Suburban Bike Lanes That Could Help Connect The GTA

By Claire McFarlane 

This story was originally published on Torontoist.

For many suburbanites, the commute to downtown Toronto can be hellish, no matter the mode of transportation. But it’s even worse for suburban cyclists, who face plenty of obstacles to get to their city destinations—from a lack of secure bike parking near transit stations to prohibition from having bikes on subways and streetcars during peak hours. But most significantly, suburban bikers lack the infrastructure to get downtown—that is, dedicated bike lanes.

In the upgrades made to Queens Quay and to Richmond and Adelaide that included the installation of cycle tracks, studies have shown bike lanes contribute to the safety of cyclists while reducing traffic congestion and average commute times for both bike riders and motorists. Though there is still much discussion about the installation of a minimum grid of bike lanes downtown, the City should not exclude the other members of the GTA that live or work in Toronto.

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