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Cyclists take over Christie Pits: Bike with Mike 2016

Story by Rhiann Moore

Photos by Rhiann Moore and Tammy Thorne

For the sixth year in a row Mike Layton's annual celebration took place in Christie Pits on Sunday, May 29, 2016. The day brought out crowds of cycling and outdoor enthusiasts. Everyone enjoyed chatting with our host, the local bike-loving councillor, visiting the many bike-y booths - not to mention the sizzling (early) summer heat. From barbecues to bicycle decoration the day was filled with fun for everyone. Alongside the Bike with Mike event, visitors were able to cruise over to David Suzuki's bustling milkweed booth, the North American Native Plant Society (NANPS) wildflower sale, and the Christie Pits art crawl. With booths dedicated to selling everything from jewellery made of up-cycled inner tubes to Toronto-themed cushions to the kids bike swap there was something for everyone.

Dandy HQ
table was a popular stop for anyone looking to learn a little more about the world of cycling, arts and culture, and independent media in Toronto.

Alberto and Reba BBQ
Reba of Push the Envelope and Urbane Cyclist and her partner Alberto ran a popular BBQ-bike at a big booth decorated with art made from re-purposed bicycle parts. These two kept each other and everyone else smiling until the day was done.


Alberto is an artist, well known in Toronto for his sculptures made from recycled bike materials. He is currently working on a series of Greek and Roman god sculptures made from recycled bicycle parts, here we have the god Pan, the god of the wild earth! Seems appropriate for a day dedicated to getting outside.

Boris on a tricked out bike
The cycling community of Toronto is filled with people who love nothing more than the opportunity to get outside and show off their rides to other bike lovers. Here's bike enthusiast Boris riding his tricked out folding bicycle by Bike Friday.

Julien and Tycho@ MEC
MEC's booth was filled with fun decoration for kids and adults alike to deck out their bike with. Here we see son Tycho and father Julien adding some flare to Tycho's bike.

Cycle TO, Honey and ?
Cycle Toronto, featuring Doug Wedel (cheering) and dandy's dear doggy friend Honey (pictured above), ran the kids bike swap. A great program where parents can drop off the bicycles their kids have outgrown and swap them for one that fits them. Having a bike is great a must for a kid, but they can be expensive for parents with the kids constantly growing. This is a great way to save money and keep kids biking. Sweet Pete's and Bateman's bike shops both have kids bike swaps too.


Council's cycling superhero, and the day's host, Mike Layton took a spin on the customized cargo bike that hauls Bike Share bikes.

In conversation with Scott Hancock, GM of Bike Share Toronto, Layton said he dreamed of a day that these cargo bikes would be the primary source of transport for the Bike Share system repairs. Hancock retorted that the more bike lanes the city installs the more likely it will be possible for them to do more of their business by bike.

When he wasn't riding around or chatting with constituents, Mike Layton could be seen cuddling his adorable daughter, Phoebe.

Here's Pheobe with Layton's long-time assistant and event manager extraordinaire, Angela Surdi.

Moving west a wee bit you could find plants sold by NANPS and by the David Suzuki foundation. Crowds congregated over to the beautiful green booths in search of the perfect plants.


Gnomezuki watched over all.


Vytas getting milkweed
Vytas here could not wait to get as much milkweed as he could fit into his detachable bicycle basket! Helmet on he was ready to hop back on his bike as soon as he got his goodies.


These pooches were looking for some shade while their owner checked out the herbage.

Tire Inner Tube Jewellry
Who says cyclists can't be fashionable? Look at these beautiful accessories from made repurposed tire inner tubes.


Eco-fashion accessories - and a rocking horse - by Chic Made Consciously - handcrafted in Bali.

To dandyhorse's great delight bikes were included in many of the clothing and craft-y booths in one way or another. This tote, for example, would made a great addition to any cyclist's basket to carry goodies on a long summer ride.

Me and Honey
All in all, Bike with Mike was a fun- and sun-filled day! The cycling community of Toronto includes some of the most enthusiastic, engaged people in the city. It's lucky for all of us that Mike Layton is looking out for us, speaking out for the need for bike lanes on popular Toronto streets like Bloor, and for bicycle parking too.

Coming in June! Our new issue of dandyhorse includes cover art by Kent Monkman, interviews with Catherine McKenna and the women behind Toronto's first feminist bike zine, lots of news and views on Bloor, Under Gardiner and the West Toronto Railpath and much, much more! Get dandy at your door or at better bike and book shops in Toronto.

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